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Member Spotlight - Katie Dreifus

By Community Manager posted 04-19-2023 09:50

Member Spotlight Banner image for April '23

Hello Cvent Community,

We are back with our April Member Spotlight. The purpose of this series is to highlight and acknowledge stand-out individuals within Community. The idea is that these Cvent users will be able to provide some insight and perspective around their roles, industries, and how they use Cvent. Our team will be hand-picking these individuals based on their Community involvement and Cvent expertise.

With that said, our next Member Spotlight features... (insert drumroll sound effect)

              @Katie Dreifus 

Headshot of Katie Dreifus, April Member Spotlight

Meet Katie 

Katie has been in the events & hospitality industry since college for around 12 years. She is a Registration Manager with BCD as a contract worker for PwC. She loves that she has the ability to work fully remote from Mesa, Arizona with her three cats!

Katie is also a member of the Cvent Beginners user group. 

You can find and connect with Katie on LinkedIn here:

@Kameron Kidd was able to have a chat with Katie and ask her some questions.


Can you share a little about the company you work for and your background?

Currently, I work for BCD Meetings & Events and I am dedicated to our PwC account. BCD is an event planning company that partners with other companies (like PwC) to provide event planning support and services. I have now been a Registration Manager for almost one year. Our small; but mighty team of eight, manages the attendee management and registration process after our web development team has worked with the program contact to build the website to fit their needs.

How long have you been using Cvent and what products do you currently use?

I have been using the Cvent Event Management platform for over 5 and a half years.

Do you have a favorite event or venue that you've been to?

In a previous role, I had the pleasure of spending 3 years in a row at the Grand Wailea Waldorf Resort. The staff was always amazing to work with and the location was breathtaking. It will always hold a special place in my heart. (see photo)

Do you have a favorite Cvent article or training that you think really helped you be successful with Cvent technology?

I can’t really pinpoint one. Between my coworker and Cvent Community, fumbled through teaching myself how to use the Event Management tool. Luckily, it didn’t take to long to get really comfortable. I probably most enjoyed going through the training material for the Cvent Event Management Advanced Certification. I was able to branch out and learn more tools outside of what I use on the day-to-day.

Are you Cvent certified and if so which certifications do you hold? Do those certifications help you train others? Have they played a role in advancing your career in some way?

During the pandemic, I really took advantage of a lot of the certifications available at no cost. The active certification I hold currently is the Cvent Event Management Advanced Certification. I have four others that “expired” a few months ago: Event Marketing Strategy, Hybrid Events, Virtual Events, Mobile Event App. While I don’t think the certifications have directly helped with advancing my career, I feel more confident in my knowledge of the available tools. Building this confidence has helped me feel comfortable training team members on the program and help them learn new tips and tricks.

How have you helped others within your organization be successful with Cvent technology?

I love training others on Cvent, however, I feel like I tend to “nerd out” and overwhelm others sometimes.

For those who are just starting with Cvent, what advice would you share with them?

I would really suggest watching all of the wonderful training videos that have been curated for beginners. Those really help set the baseline of knowledge and visible familiarization before you dive too deep into all of the other feature available.

What is your favorite Cvent feature and why? 

Honestly, it is as silly as Internal Fields. I can’t tell you how many times internal fields have made my life soooo much easier when it comes to reporting and tracking individual details.

Katie is also a regular participant in our Community #HuddleoftheWeek#TipoftheWeek discussions. Be sure to check these out if you don't already as they can be very insightful.

Huge thanks to Katie for her time and contributions to the Community. We're looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish in 2023! As a small token of appreciation, Katie will receive a Cvent care package.

Anyone with comments or questions for Katie can respond below. To get notified of future posts, subscribe to #Blog and #MemberSpotlight 


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05-08-2023 14:28

Congratulations Katie!

Hopefully, we can meet up at Cvent CONNECT 2023