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  • 1.  Account Administrator Certification

    User Group Member
    Posted 20 days ago


    I just joined this group.  So hello everyone. 
    My question is, are you certified?  I took the test a few months ago, and I have one more chance, but I took the training over again last week, and read through the guide, but I feel that I don't know the material based on the study guide.  Does anyone has any tips to this?

    I don't work with Meeting Requests/RFP's in my current role but I did in a previous life (back before covid).  
    I'm pretty sure I remember so many questions about those as well. 

    I'd appreciate any other guides you may have or other tips to pass this time :).

    Thank you

    Lori Hatton
    Senior Meetings & Events Operations Coordinator
    Land O'Lakes, Inc.United States

  • 2.  RE: Account Administrator Certification

    Community MVP
    Posted 19 days ago
    Hi Lori,

    I have a similar situation. Our events are free and don't use billing and invoicing nor do we use the CSN, however, I have created Meeting Request Forms and workflows. Have you watched the System Administrator training videos?

    Loretta Peterson
    Events Operations Specialist
    CDWUnited States

  • 3.  RE: Account Administrator Certification

    User Group Member
    Posted 19 days ago
    I would watch all of the videos. I found them helpful and was able to get the Account and System Administrator. 
    Good luck!

    Jo Anna Chapin
    Meetings & Events Registration Lead