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  • 1.  Air Actual visibility

    Posted 01-02-2024 10:56

    I don't believe this is possible, but just in case I thought I'd ask:

    If you have a site with multiple registration paths, and you want to include the air actual form on all three, but only have it visible to users on one path (and planners-only on the other two), is that possible? I feel like the 'planner only' visibility is universal so you can't get that granular with it.


    Tori Martinez
    Event Technology Specialist
    Direct Travel
    United States

  • 2.  RE: Air Actual visibility

    Posted 01-03-2024 10:15

    HI Tori,

    For this, I would recommend choosing the setting in Air Actuals to display them to both Invitees and Planners, but only add the Air Actual widget in the path you want to collect from attendees. Then, for the registrants who register down the other two paths, don't show the Air Actual widget, but import the information for them instead.

    Hope this helps! 

    Erica Kennedy
    Senior Client Success Manager

  • 3.  RE: Air Actual visibility

    Posted 29 days ago

    Hi Erica,

    Could I also ask on this thread, is it only possible to import Air Actuals to a path who does not show the widget? I would like to manually add Air Actual for attendees or can I hide this widget on a path that is only visible to planner if editing? (The reason is while testing imports with your suggested fields I am getting 'Going to Event' for all additions and it is not possible to cancel them out.)

    Thanks you for your reply.


    Inez Allidine
    Senior Project Consultant
    MCI USA Holding CoIreland

  • 4.  RE: Air Actual visibility

    Posted 29 days ago

    Inez, I have uploaded Air Actuals for events where I do not have the Air Actual widget within the Registration Path.  The information will populate in your reports, and also if you desire, in the Travel module of Attendee Hub App.  To update the flights if there are changes, you would import the new flights with the setting to override what was already in that persons registration.  

    Michele Runge
    Event Planner
    Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc.United States