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  • 1.  Attendee hub

    Posted 06-06-2024 09:53
    Edited by Daniel Marotta 06-07-2024 07:53

    Has anyone used the Attendee Hub from CVENT? I'm curious to hear about your experiences with it. How does it compare to other event management tools you've used? Looking forward to your insights!




    vakiwi jadsys
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  • 2.  RE: Attendee hub

    Posted 06-07-2024 10:09

    All I can say... LOVE. We spent years building a custom version of it for our company. Made the switch and will never look back. The communication, notifications, app building experience, digital interface for meetings... all of it. I think the BEST part, is the support. Have an issue? Call, chat, email, build a case. They are so quick to help. The ability to submit ideas for changes which are truly taken into account are amazing. 

    The improvements to the app on a monthly basis are also incredible. You can see improvements and they are always helpful. 

    As with anything, there is room for improvement, but they are the first company I have worked with who are listening and making changes. 

    If you do a white label custom app, it does complicate things a bit and make it harder. You need to submit for updates to the app instead of it happening automatically. You also don't have the ability to send directly links to the app for your attendee events like you can with the traditional Cvent Events app. Small complaints in the overall scheme of things. 

    Michael Rummage
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