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  • 1.  Communicating with sponsor POCs

    Posted 09-08-2022 13:55

    I am hoping some people can shed some light on how they handle the following situation. 

    We solicit sponsors for our customer conference like most other conferences. These sponsors often have one person that is planning the sponsorship and handling the details (registering the team that will be attending, gathering the marketing materials, shipping the booth, etc. This person typically does not actually attend this event so they are not registered as an attendee. This means that any emails that we send out like - registration confirmation, install the app, important things to know, etc. - don't ever get sent to them. And of course, the people that do receive it, are not very likely to pass on to their "event planner". This is then resulting in them not having the info they need available to them and having to reach out to me individually to get it. Therefore I am answering the same 15 questions 35 times. 

    How are you getting the info to the right people? 
    Are you using tasks in the Exhibitor portal to do this (most of these people are setup as the admin for the booth)? 
    Is there a way to have these people receive these emails too even though they are not registered to attend this event?  

    Overall, communication to our customers and sponsors for this event next week has been challenging. It is top of the list of things we need to do differently for next year. I would love to hear from others that have this same situation around how they handle this more efficiently.

    Thank you!!

    Maggie St Clair
    Customer Engagement Specialist
    Cargas SystemsUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Communicating with sponsor POCs

    User Group Member
    Posted 09-13-2022 09:18
    We haven't exactly had this problem as we don't do sponsors but 3 thoughts that come to mind:

    1. Send the email to yourself once and then fwd it along like it's fresh/new and BCC those people you would need to get it
    2. Can you create a registration type of 'not really attending' that you can add them to? Not sure if the lack of registering them is to keep things straight or because of the cost per registration
    3. Create a FAQ page with all the same information but hide it from your normal site and just make the link available in some way in the exhibitor portal

    Hopefully maybe one of those work arounds would help!


  • 3.  RE: Communicating with sponsor POCs

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-13-2022 11:06
    Hey Maggie,

    Hope you are doing well!

    That's a great question. If one person from the team is registering the team members - we can have administrator setting turned on for them and share the weblink with that person. This way that person will be able to register everyone they want and also have all the details about the same as well. You may also use this for your sponsor situation and see if it works. Here is the link to the article you may refer to : 

    Thank you!

    lovely Shukla
    Client Success Advisor
    TestingUnited States

  • 4.  RE: Communicating with sponsor POCs

    User Group Member
    Posted 09-16-2022 08:38
    @Rachel Sigley those are great ideas and along the line of what I was thinking! 

    If the sponsor rep is registering folks and needs to receive a copy of email communications for those people, could you have that person use the group registration feature and have that person list themselves as the cc email address? That could result in multiple emails for that person to manage, but then they would get all of the communication associated with each person. 

    Jennifer Jones
    Senior Specialist

  • 5.  RE: Communicating with sponsor POCs

    Posted 09-19-2022 09:59
    You can use the event emails and under "Advanced Settings" when editing the email, add a Contact Custom Field of "Admin email" under the Recipient options. This is how I have it set up and as far as I am aware it is working like intended.

    Retha Mattern
    Lignite Energy CouncilUnited States

  • 6.  RE: Communicating with sponsor POCs

    User Group Member
    Posted 09-26-2022 16:07
    Hi there! 
    Why don't you try making a path for these people to register, and then a mailing list/type as well. That way you can communicate specific information to them all - the only change would be having them register, and making sure you only share the specific registration link with them (or of course moving them manually to another list).

    Olivia Popofski
    Marketing Coordinator
    Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and AffiliatesCanada

  • 7.  RE: Communicating with sponsor POCs

    User Group Member
    Posted 09-29-2022 09:40
    In addition to all the suggestions, I think the Admin feature with in events is the best option. We've also used the CC field within registration and then make sure all emails have "copy CC" enabled.

    Beth Vriesen
    Events Registration Admin
    Associated Bank Corporation