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  • 1.  Event App Home Page

    Posted 11-21-2023 14:00

    For the event I'm building this app for, it is more of an incentive trip, and less of a conference/exhibitors. What suggestions do you have for what else to add to the home page? It seems like it is lacking content, especially with the home page being the first page users will see.

    Also, the logo at the top is slightly cut off on the right side. I've tried adjusting the size a ton of times with no luck (screen shots for reference).

    Lindsey Isaacson
    Developer of Client Experiences
    Israeli American CouncilUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Event App Home Page

    Posted 11-22-2023 06:44

    Hi Lindsey,

    I'm not quite sure about the logo issue. Are you uploading it as a square image with a little bit of margin around the actual logo? 

    As for content, one of the things I add on the home page of incentive trip apps is a link to a weather page for the event area, so they can always check the forecast quickly. I also will create a discussion board (chat only) then make it featured so it appears on the home page. In the description, encourage attendees to post their thoughts and pictures from the event; works just like a social feed.

    Hope that helps a little!

    Tori Martinez
    Event Technology Specialist
    Direct Travel
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Event App Home Page

    Posted 11-24-2023 13:34


    I've struggled as well with the logo size.  I often have to recreate it with more margin space than you would think.  For the Home Page on the app we have the Quicklinks at the top that take them to pages we've created: Weather (as Tori mentioned), Hospitality Desk, In Case of Emergency.   I also schedule Cards through the program for our main agenda components.

    Michele Runge
    Program Manager, Housing
    HPN GlobalUnited States