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Event Management Success Tips You Must Know!

  • 1.  Event Management Success Tips You Must Know!

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 18 days ago
    Hey all, happy mid-week. Let's begin with our next edition of the Tip of the Week discussion!

    Creating your first event with Cvent just got easier with a step-by-step guide. If you're new to Cvent or looking around for tips to get started with using Cvent's Event Management solution, look no more. Read on to discover event management tips!

    • Learn the lingo with a quick training course: For all the new users, we suggest you start with a training course and bookmark the glossary so you can reference terms from A-M through N-Z wherever they come up.
    • Two ways to start with your Cvent account: Whether you've just upgraded your trial account or you've been partnered with us for years, reference the recommendations below to get started with using our software and become a great system administrator.
      • Getting Started as a New User: This account will be useful if you need to learn how to build, customize, and manage events. 
      • Getting Started as a System Administrator: Start as a system administrator if you're responsible for user management, account upkeep, and ensuring your co-workers get trained.
    • Setting Up Your Event Management Account: You might assume that the next logical step after purchasing Event Management software is creating and managing an event, but neglecting to update a few critical account settings first can complicate things. Follow the steps below to ensure that when you do get around to creating your first event, it's as smooth an experience as possible.
      • Add users: Ensure everyone can perform their jobs by setting up who has access to what. For those who will be the main point of contact for invitees, adding their emails to the account upfront will save you from the nightmare of having to forward all those messages later.
      • Set up payment processing: If you plan on collecting credit card info during the registration, you'll need to set up a merchant account. Since this can take some time, it's best to get started on this right away. No one wants to be stuck with the nasty task of tracking down registrants with failed payments.
      • Build the foundation of your future events: Plan on collecting info that isn't in your Address Book every time? Add custom contact fields. And if you want your invitees to see, select, or pay for different things, contact types give you the versatility to create different registration experiences in the same event.
      • Creating your first event: You may be apprehensive about creating your first event, but relax. The Event Wizard walks you through building the event framework. You can change anything you create with the wizard later so don't worry if you're not sure about a date, color, or location. This KB article will help you get started with creating your first event, do check it out!

      Question for you:
      • How has Cvent's Event Management solution impacted your events? 
      • Any tips you'd like to share for creating events for first-time users. 

      Your expert opinions can help community peers. So, do let us know your thoughts about Cvent's Event Management solution in the comment section below! #CventTip


      Ridhima Krishan
      Sr. Associate, Customer Marketing

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