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  • 1.  How can I set up my confirmation email in two different languages

    Posted 02-14-2024 11:56

    My event registration allows people to select English or French, how can I have two versions of the confirmation email so it goes in the language of the users choice

    Tracey Somers
    Program Behaviour & Market Transformation Lead
    NB PowerCanada

  • 2.  RE: How can I set up my confirmation email in two different languages
    Best Answer

    Posted 02-15-2024 09:53

    Hi Tracey!

    You can swap between the languages for your event emails by selecting the invitation list at the top of the event email screen.

    You'll also want to make sure that you have the language selector widget on your registration site.  When an attendee registers, they will automatically be added to the invitation list for the language that was active when they registered.  The event emails are sent based on the invitation list that an invitee is on, so attendees who registered while French was the active language will be added to the French invitation list, and will receive the emails set up for the French invitation list in the event emails screen.

    This Knowledge Base article is really helpful when you're setting up multi-language events: Setting Up a Multi-Language Event (  

    This article provides some more info about what text is automatically translated within your registration pages, and what will need to be manually translated: What text is not automatically translated in a multi-language event? (

    Hope this is helpful!

    Jess Olcott
    Training Program Coordinator
    ETC, Inc.