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  • 1.  Link for the confimation doesnt lead to the home-page

    Posted 30 days ago


    Do you know if there is a way to redirect the link that customers receive when they register to the event home page? 

    I have some complaints that customers receive the confirmation and when they click on the link and enter their confirmation number, they only end up on the page that says registration successful, but I want them to go to the event page instead and see all the details like agenda, time and location.


    Katarina Kukolj
    FOSS GMBHGermany

  • 2.  RE: Link for the confimation doesnt lead to the home-page
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    Posted 29 days ago

    Hi Katarina,

    When using the {[E-MODIFY REG LINK]} data tag in an email, attendees will be prompted to enter in the confirmation number and then it brings them to the post-registration page by default, but they have the option to click on the summary, agenda page, other website pages, etc. from within the top navigation. We do not have a way to adjust the page it brings them to by default when logging in with their confirmation number as this post-registration page is the page that has the modify registration widget on there if you are using it. 

    As an alternative, you could use the {[E-HOMEPAGE LINK]} data tag in the confirmation email instead and that will open up the summary/landing page of the event website by default for attendees to review and if they do need to modify their registration, then attendees can click on the already registered? link and enter in their confirmation number and modify from there. Data Tag Cheat Sheet

    Julia Plymack
    Senior Customer Success Manager