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  • 1.  Multiple Private Domains

    Posted 04-25-2024 10:19
    Edited by Tom Mathew 04-25-2024 11:02

    Are we able to have multiple private domains, one for each event? Assuming I own each of the domains. For example:

    Event Name:  ABC2024
    Event Domain:

    Event Name: ABC2025
    Event Domain:

    Event Name: XYZ
    Event Domain:

    Event Name: TUV24
    Event Domain:

  • 2.  RE: Multiple Private Domains
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-02-2024 09:08

    Hi Tom,

    You do have the ability to have multiple private domains added to your account and then within the weblinks section of each event, you would determine which domain would be used. We do recommend making the domains generic and not specific to a year and using the trailing name for the year/specifics instead, so you don't have to keep getting a new domain each year. So for example, it would be or rather than having the year in the actual domain itself. Within each event, you can customize the trailing name (what comes after the backslash as well.) 

    Julia Plymack
    Senior Client Success Manager