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  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - October 27, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-27-2022 11:04
    🎃Happy Almost Halloween! We hope you all are dressing up something fun and eating way too much candy 🎃 Enjoy these sweet releases to #Registration, #eMarketing, and #MeetingsManagement.



    Partial Payments with Payment Credits

    You can configure the payment widget so that it applies available payment credits to the balance due and allows for partial payments. Previously, these two features couldn't be used simultaneously. This will enable attendees to utilize their credits without requiring them to pay in full at the time of registration.



    eMarketing New Email Editor

    We are happy to announce our new email editor for eMarketing. You will now be able to create emails using the new email editor. In the new editor, there can be addition of widgets with a simple drag and drop.


    Meetings Management


    Strict Sourcing Policy Validation

    Cvent account admins can now enable strict validation for their sourcing policies for the Instant Book and Simple RFP workflows. Offering you the ability to strictly validate sourcing policy compliance gives you the peace of mind that your Access Portal users will always source within established guidelines.


    Meeting Request Persistent Navigational Bar

    You will no longer need to scroll to the bottom of each page to locate navigational buttons while interacting with submitted meeting requests. Instead, the Next, Previous, Edit, Save and Cancel buttons will be found in a persistent navigational bar that can always be seen. Single page and multi-page meeting requests will have the new navigational bar.




    Cvent Official - Product News

  • 2.  RE: Weekly Product Release Notes - October 27, 2022

    User Group Member
    Posted 10-28-2022 08:22
    @Cvent - When will the #eMarketing email designer updates be available to subscribers? 

    Heather Darrow
    Conference Coordinator
    Cornell University - Department Of Animal ScienceUnited States

  • 3.  RE: Weekly Product Release Notes - October 27, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-28-2022 09:14
    Hi @Heather Darrow - The eMarketing email designer should be available in your account now, however the emails are not retroactive. The designer will be applicable to any emails created moving forward and existing emails will stay in the older email designer. If this is not the case, please reach out to your account team or Customer Care to look into your account a little deeper. ​

    Cvent Official - Product News

  • 4.  RE: Weekly Product Release Notes - October 27, 2022

    Posted 11-09-2022 15:45
    Something happened and the EDIT and SAVE buttons are again at the bottom of the MRF

    Tara Prentice
    Meeting Manager
    NIKE, Inc.United States

  • 5.  RE: Weekly Product Release Notes - October 27, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 11-10-2022 14:33
    Hi @Tara Prentice - I'm sorry this is occurring in your account as this is not intended functionality. Please reach out to our customer care team or your account team to help resolve this issue.​

    Cvent Official - Product News

  • 6.  RE: Weekly Product Release Notes - October 27, 2022

    Posted 11-17-2022 15:29
    Edited by Sean Daniel 11-17-2022 15:29
    Is it just me or has the new eMarketing (flex) gone missing?

    Sean Daniel
    Membership Manager
    Telecom & Autotech Council