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Answers from our November QPU Q&A

  • 1.  Answers from our November QPU Q&A

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 11-15-2019 16:05

    For those who joined us last week for our Q3 2019 updates, thanks for attending! We hope you found the presented content valuable and left with a clear understanding of Cvent product development. Our next QPU Webinar will be held in early February - be on the lookout for that invite in the Community soon!

    Couldn't join us last week? We missed you! Find the on-demand link here, which has been chapterized for you to easily jump between the product update portions you care about. 

    You asked your questions, and we have your answers. Below you will find the full Q&A from this past webinar, broken down by product.

    Event Management

    1. Q: When is the planned rollout date for the flex site design to be able to edit Contact Websites? asked by @Evan Ring
    • A: Support for Contact Websites using the Site Designer is not currently on the roadmap. However, share your idea on the Ideas Page of the Cvent Community for it to be considered on a future release.
    2. Q: What was the previous speaker limit before this update? asked by @Jordan Roller
    • A: Speaker limit was raised from 100 to 500 with this quarter's update.
    3. Q: Can we add a custom font to the flex site and or the emails? asked by @Amy Molina
    • A: Custom Fonts are a premium feature. Once you've added this to your account and set up a custom font in your admin section, you can select it in the Site Designer anywhere you see a font picker.
    4. Q: Which would be more useful for onsite agendas - the agenda widget or the agenda checklist in CrowdCompass? asked by @Aisha Haynes
    • A: The CC agenda page has additional functionality that will help your attendees learn and interact with the session, such as Live Q&A. While the Flex agenda is useful on the desktop website, I would recommend that attendees use the mobile app for agenda engagement onsite.
    5. Q: For the new Save The Date email, what if the event is a year from now and the Planner wanted to send the Save The Date but the meeting is not yet in the system. How can we proceed with this? asked by @Cris Galvan
    • A: You would have to create the event in the system in order to send this email. The great thing about the Save the Date email is that you can send it before you launch the event. That means if you want to get an email out a year in advance, you can create the event early to send the email, then revisit it later to prepare for launch.
    6. Q: Can you explain more on the Save The Date email and how you can send it out before launching the event? asked by @Anna Bauch
    • A: Interact with the Save the Date email just like any other email, the only difference is that it can be sent before launching the event. Get step-by-step instructions on building and sending this email with this Knowledge Base article.
    7. Q: What is the difference between "Classic" and "Flex" events? asked by @Michael Gilbert
    • A: To answer this, I'll direct you to our Community articles geared towards helping clients learn and engage with the Flex product. Start here, at the Welcome to Flex page.
    8. Q: When is Flex anticipated to launch and Classic will no longer be supported? asked by @Celeste Chung
    • A: Flex has been live for clients since late 2018. It is currently scheduled to shut off the ability to create new Classic events (including via copy or template) at the end of 2020, dependent on Flex Feature Complete date. A date for no longer supporting existing Classic events has not been set at this time.
    9. Q: Are there any plans on creating a widget for a Schedule of Events on an email? asked by @Lisa Charney
    • A: We offer the multi-event schedule through a product called Event Calendar. With this product, you can host a website to share upcoming events, along with an email data tag to link to the site. Account Managers will be able to further educate on how to add this product to your account.
    10. Q: Is there an updated comparison that shows Classic vs Flex Event Management and the features that work and do not work within CrowdCompass, Surveys, etc? asked by @Beverly Weslowski
    • A: A feature comparison for Flex and Classic products can be found here.

    Enterprise / Meetings Management

    1. Q: Regarding the Access Portal - do you still need to create portal access or will access be provided by SSO? asked by @Nicole Valach
    • A: Your users can self-provision into the Portal using SSO. If your organization does not use SSO, you can configure a similar flow to allow users to self-provision by setting up their own username and password.
    2. Q: Access Portal/Meeting Request Form - We literally just built a new form on old standard. I'd like to use this new Access Portal and build in this more flex looking form. When I look in the Knowledge Base it looks like all the standard information and examples. Are you going to update the Knowledge Base or do you have specific links already in there for us to look at? asked by @Anna Friday
    • A: There are a few Community articles for the New Meeting Request Form and Access Portal, and we will be adding more documentation over the coming months. Reference Creating an Access Portal or Public Website or Using the Meeting Request Form Designer. Please note that these features are not turned on automatically, so please reach out to your account rep to discuss the appropriate plan for enabling these products in your account including migration strategy from classic MRF.
    3. Q: When will the new MRF be available? asked by @Debbie Odden
    • A: This is available now, and we are in the process of building migration tools to help migrate from classic to new MRF. please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss the appropriate plan for enabling these products in your account
    4. Q: How many portal users do a typical account have? We are struggling with the limited access. asked by @Jessica Brandt
    • A: We've found that customers have needs for anywhere between 5 and 1000+ Portal Users. As a result, we've adjusted the licensing for Access Portal to include unlimited Portal Users for both the Basic and Premium licenses


    1. Q: Can I scan QR codes in the Stands using CrowdCompass? asked by @Guilherme Correa Neto
    • A: Would like to know the use case for this to have a better understanding of the need. Feel free to reply directly to this discussion post to explain further!
    2. Q: We have experienced difficulty forming merged panel sessions with 2 or 3 related but different presenters in Abstract Management and having them load accurately in Crowd Compass. Have there been improvements that might improve the linkage between Abstract Management and Crowd Compass? asked by @Michael Gilbert
    • A: We would love to get those difficulty cases raised to our support teams, we would like to address those as they come in. Be sure to call our Support line and they will raise a ticket for you.


    1. Q: Is there a different view when scheduling? it will be hard for the planners to schedule if they have 80,000 requests to allocate. asked by @Cris Galvan
    • A: For Planner Coordinated Appointments for Investor Conferences, the planner can view by each investor to allocate the requests. There is also a report that supports the planner in reviewing all allocation requests across the event.
    2. Q: For the new planner appointments - can we add a column for the sessions? Like for ticker symbol, sector? asked by @Cris Galvan
    • A: Not at the moment, but this is an enhancement we are currently researching into.


    1. Q: For the Surveys (New), where can you access the survey weblink/URL? asked by @Erica Teddone
    • A: Currently, we don't expose the survey weblink for event-surveys. It can be distributed only via email using the survey link data tag or can be made available via the CrowdCompass App. We are looking at providing the weblinks for event surveys early next year. Weblinks for non-event surveys can be found under Send & Share > Web > Weblinks
    2. Q: Will Surveys (New) require the person taking the survey to be registered for that event? Is there a way to allow the survey to be open to anyone? asked by @Alyssa Outwater
    • A: Only members registered for the event can take the survey. We don't have a way to open the survey to anyone yet.
    3. Q: Can credits be replaced with certificates? asked by @Aisha Haynes
    • A: Credits awarded for survey completion can be included in certificates using the event/session credits data tag.

    Social Tables

    1. Q: Is Social Tables included in Cvent or is it an additional cost? If it's an additional cost, will there be any updates to the current table feature? asked by @Anna Bauch
    • A: Social Tables requires a separate license. Your account manager can help you get set up. We're always adding new features to the product and we'll be investing more in seating features in 2020. This includes tighter integration with the seating feature in Cvent Event.
    2. Q: Where do I access Social Tables to create room diagrams? Is it an extra cost? asked by @Carl Woodin
    • A: Social Tables requires a separate license. Your account manager can help you get set up. You'll receive a login as well as access to our full set of trainings.
    3. Q: Can you use Cvent to purchase tickets for actual seating? asked by @Aisha Haynes
    • A: At this time you cannot purchase tickets for a specific seat. We're currently working on integrating Cvent registration and Social Tables seating. We'll be further integrating the two products in the future, and selecting a seat at registration is something we are considering.
    4. Q: Will Social Tables connect to registration and automatically update table numbers on an attendee record and then pull a report from this information? asked by @Ashlee Middendorf
    • A: We're currently working on the ability to import registrants from Cvent, which you can expect sometime next year.
    5. Q: How do you add the guests to Social Tables? Do you upload a list? asked by @Melanie Pensinger
    • A: Right now the easiest way to add guests to Social Tables is to upload a CSV or Excel file. We're currently working on the ability to import registrants from Cvent, which you can expect sometime next year.

    Cvent Supplier Network

    1. Q: Do you see the RFP process being updated to look like the supplier network? asked by @Melissa McGowen
    • A: Yes! We'll be kicking off development for the RFP redesign in 2020. Look out for future updates on this release.


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