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Member Guest Discounts

  • 1.  Member Guest Discounts

    Posted 07-16-2021 13:59
    Hi everyone,

    We'd like to allow all members with a specific membership type to invite up to three guests to a specific upcoming event for free, with the ability to track which guests came through which member.  Has anyone done anything like this?  I know we could create a unique discount code in the event for each member that they could give out, but that would require a lot of manual maintenance as we'd need to continually add new codes as new members join and we'd need to go and record those codes on the members' records so we could merge them into emails.  We also thought about creating a reg type and path for these guests and sending each member a weblink they could share to that path with ?RefID=[member's email address] at the end, but this wouldn't allow us to limit usage to three guests per member.  

    If anyone has any ideas or could share pros and cons they've encountered while doing something similar, I would appreciate the advice!


    Anne Stevens
    Manager, Membership Operations
    Dow Jones & Co., Inc

  • 2.  RE: Member Guest Discounts

    Community MVP
    Posted 07-23-2021 14:00
    Hello Anne, 

    The best way to link a registrant to his guest is to use the the built-in guest feature. You can set the number of guest per registrant as well, so you could set the limit to 3. I believe guests have then the ability to modify their own details. 

    Baring that, or of the guest feature is not working as you need it, you might be able to utilize group registrations instead. 


    Béline FALZON
    Conference Program Specialist II
    California Teachers Association