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Incentive Trip - Air Request - Dual Destination

  • 1.  Incentive Trip - Air Request - Dual Destination

    Posted 18 days ago

    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking for anyone who has created an air request for dual destinations. This is actually a program that was postponed, so we have completed registration already. We will "re-register" and I want the website to look clean.

    I was not a fan of how our air request form was set-up. We had a dual destination (international) so attendees had to make 2 different one-way flight requests per person. If someone was extending in another country, they had 3 flight requests per person.

    Has anyone found a more efficient way to set this up so it does not look cluttered?

    For example:

    Outbound: STL - > Chiang Mai - International

    Extension:  Chiang Mai - > Vietnam

    Return: Vietnam > STL

    This would be PER person and three separate one-way flight requests.


    Thu Nguyen
    Account Support Specialist