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Weekly Product Release Notes - September 1, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - September 1, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-01-2020 12:40
    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! Is it really September already? How did this happen? Make sure you're caught up on the latest #EventCloud product releases - today we've got one #Passkey update to share.


    Virtual Attendee Hub


    As a reminder, the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub®, our all-new virtual event solution, is now available! To request a demo or hear more about this new offering, reach out to your Account Manager or check out our web page.

    You'll start seeing Virtual Attendee Hub product updates in our weekly posts as releases occur. Stay tuned - there are a lot of exciting features on the roadmap you won't want to miss!




    New Amount Per Night Option: For commerce-enabled events, the credit card guarantee section now includes an Amount Per Night option. This option is available for deposit and cancellation fees. The Amount Per Night option already exists for processing fees.


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