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Session data tags for multiple days

  • 1.  Session data tags for multiple days

    Posted 21 days ago
    Hi. In my classic event I'm trying to add a data tag to email confirmations that displays both the session date as well as the session time. Registrants choose one session from approximately 32 available across two separate days of the one event so I can't use the event date tag. I am using an event email for the automatic confirmation email, and this includes the tag {[C-MY SESSIONS:ANS]} which is giving me the session time, but I can't get it to add the session date. As there is so many sessions I don't want to have to do multiple session emails for the confirmation. This same tag is also used across the modification confirmation event email, and the two reminder to attend session emails. How do I make this happen?

    Amelia Munro

  • 2.  RE: Session data tags for multiple days

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 21 days ago
    Edited by Julia Plymack 21 days ago
    Hi Amelia,

    You are unable to add the session date and time to appear in the {[C-MY SESSIONS:ANS]} data tag, but I would recommend using the {[C-CURRENT REGISTRATION]} or the {[C-MY AGENDA:ANN]} data tag to pull in the session name, date, and time into these emails instead.

    The {[C-CURRENT REGISTRATION]} data tag creates a table that displays what someone selected during registration, including admission items, optional sessions, optional items, and answers to registration questions. For the sessions that they have registered for, it shows the session name, date, and start time.

    The {[C-MY AGENDA:ANN]} data tag creates a table that just displays the sessions an invitee has registered for, including their date, start and end time, and location.

    Here are a couple of helpful articles about data tags for you to reference: Data Tag Cheat Sheet
    Using Data Tags in Event

    Julia Plymack
    Lead Client Success Advisor