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Weekly Product Release Notes - October 20, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - October 20, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-20-2020 12:16
    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! Weekly releases coming your way. Today we're sharing updates across #VirtualAttendeeHub, #Event(Flex) integrations, and ​​#MeetingsManagement (Meeting Request Forms and Access Portals).


    Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub®

    *As a reminder, the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub®, our all-new virtual event solution, is now available. Moving forward, we'll be including these product releases in our weekly release note compilations. If you're new to this product and are looking for more of a high-level overview, check out our web page or reach out to your Cvent Account Team.

    Q&A Moderation (Web): Moderators can now moderate Q&A sessions via their web browser, not solely via mobile app, in the Virtual Attendee Hub. The web version offers an even easier experience for moderators with access to a computer. Moderators are able to monitor virtual sessions and moderate Q&A on the same device. As well, they can use larger screens to moderate, which increases readability and accessibility.

    Picture in Picture (Web): The Cvent Video Player now supports Picture in Picture. Look for the PIP icon in the player controls to activate it. Once active, attendees will see the video pop out of the browser on top of all other windows.

    Stay Logged In After Quitting Browser (Web): If an attendee is logged in, quits their browser and then reopens the browser before the 24hour inactivity timer, they will remain logged in. This ensures that an attendee participating in a multi-day event won't have to re-log in each day if they quit their browser at the end of the day.

    Upcoming Sessions Display Dates (Web): Dates now appear on the Live and Upcoming sessions section on the home page. Previously only times appeared which made it more difficult to understand when an upcoming session was occurring.

    Expired Session Message (Web): If an attendee is not active in the Attendee Hub more than 24hrs and then returns to their browser, they will see a message letting them know they're login has expired and an OK button that allows them to easily log back in.

    Schedule Filters (App): This feature allows attendees to filter the list of All Sessions by Speaker and/or Session Category so that they can easily find the sessions they are most interested in.

    Date & Time Formatting Based on Event Locale (App): This feature ensures that the chosen event locale (in Event Information) effectively controls the date and time formats displaying to attendees within the Event App. For example, if English - UK is the selected language and locale combination, the Event App will display in English and Date and Time formats will reflect those of the UK (DD/MM/YYYY & 22:00) rather than the USA (MM/DD/YYYY & 10:00 PM). This is part of our larger strategy to ensure that we can support events occurring internationally and that the attendee experience respects the formats expected when viewing events taking place in their corresponding locales.


    Event Management

    Integrations – Cvent Salesforce App

    Version 5.0:
    A new version of the Cvent Salesforce App is now available! Check out what's new in the Cvent Developer Hub Release Notes.


    Enterprise / Meetings Management

    Meeting Request Forms

    Virtual Event Field for New MRF:
    The new, virtual event standard field is now available for the new meeting request forms. The field was previously available on legacy meeting request forms. The default text is "Will any part of your event be virtual or have a live stream?" and matches the existing field in Event. This new MRF field integrates with the field in Event so the response can be carried over to the requester's event after it's created from the request. This helps streamline the new virtual event feature.

    Reorganized "Questions and Field" Section: We've reorganized the Questions and Field section in the Site Designer's Build panel. These changes will help streamline the user experience when creating forms and provides additional help text for the default answer, question tag, and placeholder text fields.


    Access Portal

    Requests and Events Widget (Premium License Required):
    Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be rolling out a new "Requests and Events" widget to all clients with a premium Access Portal license. This widget replaces the existing "Request List" found on the "Requests and Events" page within the Site Designer. With this widget, you'll be able to view your submitted requests and, in the future, the events associated to your requests.

    Some of the highlights of this new widget include:

    • Admins can select up to 8 fields to be columns in the Requests and Events table. These fields can be from the Requester, Event, and RFP categories, which include standard and custom fields.
    • Access Portal users can sort by any of the included fields to help them quickly find the right meeting request.
    • The Requests and Events table can be viewed on mobile devices.
    • As additional features are released to Access Portal, Access Portal users will have direct links to an event page from this widget.


    Cvent Official - Product News

  • 2.  RE: Weekly Product Release Notes - October 20, 2020

    Posted 10-21-2020 15:00
    Is the ability to have moderation on or off for a session coming? Since this release it seems that now moderation is automatically on and cannot be turned off, which isn't very functional.

    Gaby Kotlyar
    IT Operations Senior Systems Analyst
    The Boston Consulting Group

  • 3.  RE: Weekly Product Release Notes - October 20, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-22-2020 12:49
    Hi @Gaby Kotlyar - this functionality should only on if someone is added as a moderator. If you don't want to see it, you can just remove them as a moderator​. If you have any additional questions on this functionality, be sure to reach out to your Cvent Account Team or ask Cvent Support!

    Tristen Asrejadid
    Cvent Customer Marketing