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Registration Questions Post Covid

  • 1.  Registration Questions Post Covid

    Posted 05-26-2020 13:38
    What questions do you think need to be asked during the registration process to help us gather information or keep attendees abreast of how COVID is impacting their live event?

    Robin Rosmarin
    Customer Engagement Manager
    Meeting Expectations

  • 2.  RE: Registration Questions Post Covid

    Posted 06-02-2020 16:13
    Hi Ally,

    For an in-person event, I think it would be beneficial to ask them what they are most concerned about (cleanliness, social distancing, etc.) so those concerns can be taken into consideration and addressed in future communications to make sure attendees feel safe before they arrive. 

    Angela Le
    Cleveland, OH, USA

  • 3.  RE: Registration Questions Post Covid

    Posted 06-04-2020 13:01
    Hi Ally, 

    I would definitely include some informative text on how you plan to make them safer at your event (ask your venue what they are doing as well!). 
    On a voluntary basis, you could also ask people if they are among the more at risk populations - this way you know if it's 2 or 10 or 50 people who might need extra precautions taken, such as eating prepacked meals rather than buffet food.

    Béline FALZON
    Event Planner
    California Teachers Association

  • 4.  RE: Registration Questions Post Covid

    Posted 06-05-2020 10:42
    I don't think there are any registration questions to be asked; it would be more about providing information about what you are doing at your event to minimize risk.

    Lori wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

  • 5.  RE: Registration Questions Post Covid

    Posted 06-08-2020 09:43

    I recently received a survey that I thought had some great questions about comfort in returning to events. 

    In order to return to an indoor concert, I feel the following is necessary (check all that apply)
    If the above-checked precautions are met, I feel safe returning to indoor concerts by
    If concerts were broadcast through live stream, I would prefer to stay home and watch, rather than attending in person.
    I would be willing to pay to watch a live stream.
    Would you be willing to pay more to go to a limited access event? 


    Amy Jones
    Assistant Conference and Event Coordinator and Marketing
    Georgia Southern University Division of Continuing Education

  • 6.  RE: Registration Questions Post Covid

    Posted 06-08-2020 22:06
    I recently took a survey that included questions that you could rate from 1-10.  They were related to covid and asked how comfortable people felt being at an event, how they would feel about wearing a mask, if they thought it was important that all attendees were required to wear a mask, etc.  I would also include info on how you plan to have an event safely! Hope this helps :)

    Kayla Sisco
    Convention Coordinator
    Impact XM

  • 7.  RE: Registration Questions Post Covid

    Posted 06-22-2020 17:09
    This is a great question and I will definitely have to check back to see others' responses before setting up my own registration questions. 

    I think setting up questions where you are collecting a scaled answer would be easier than a bunch of open ended questions. At least easier in the sense of what you can do with the data once collected. Rating could be based on comfort level: Very comfortable to Very Uncomfortable. Some example questions: If we setup sessions in classroom style rooms (with tables & chairs) and seat every second chair, how would that make you feel? If we served lunch in our usual buffet style, how would you feel?

    Also including some yes/no questions like: Would you like to participate in our touchless registration checkin? 

    Something a little off topic I saw another company doing was offering a badge/sticker that indicated the attendee was not okay with personal contact. So if you approached that person and saw the badge, you would know not to offer your hand to shake (or give a hug!) and would actively avoid getting too close to them to respect the sticker. 

    Good luck with your event!

    Sharna Pascolo
    Program Director
    Texas Society of Architects