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Invoice for Pending Approval Registrants

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  • 1.  Invoice for Pending Approval Registrants

    Posted 02-13-2020 19:38
    I worked with Cvent Support's 800 number and the answer I got was that Cvent doesn't allow invoices to be generated for registrants in pending approval status.

    Background: Our registrants mainly pay by check due to the audience type we're dealing with (local and state governments) and they have to have an invoice generated with the amount due and an invoice number. I don't want these pay later/pay by check folks to be marked as confirmed registrants in the system until I receive their check in hand and switch them to accepted myself. If they pay now/pay by cc they're automatically moved to accepted and receive the confirm registration email.

    Has anyone found a work around to this? I need to have some sort of invoice that generates the amount due and an invoice number but still want these pay later/pay by check folks pending or simply not accepted/confirmed in the system.

    Bonnie Greenslade
    Training Manager
    National Association of Drug Court Professionals

  • 2.  RE: Invoice for Pending Approval Registrants
    Best Answer

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 02-26-2020 15:28
    Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you for explaining the use case for the request.

    Invoice Numbers in Cvent are generated for an order. Since, the invitees will be in pending approval their orders are still not completed/processed.

    However, you can certainly share the details about their pending amount and the order info via below methods:
    1. Use {[C-PENDING ORDER DETAILS]} in the Approval Pending Notification email
    2. For one of Invoice type emails you can go to Invitee Record >> Pending Order Tab >> Click Actions at the top right >> Email This Page (Screenshots Attached)

    You can also submit the request in Ideas Section here . Hope this helps!

    Brett Sachdeva
    Tech Lead
    Cvent Client Services