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Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q2 2020 Updates)

  • 1.  Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q2 2020 Updates)

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 08-18-2020 17:08

    For those who joined us earlier in August for our Q2 2020 Quarterly Product Updates webinar, thanks for attending! We hope you found the presented content valuable and left with a clear understanding of Cvent product development. Our next QPU Webinar will be held in early November - be on the lookout for that invite in the Community soon.

    Couldn't join us this quarter? We missed you! Find the on-demand link here, which has been chapterized for you to easily jump between the product updates you want to listen to.

    Have additional questions about leveraging the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub® for your virtual event strategy? Reach out to your Account Manager or join us at Cvent CONNECT Virtual (August 25-26) to see it in action! You'll also want to join our Ask The Experts LIVE discussion right here in the Community on August 27 from 11am-12pm eastern. Our VP of Product Management, McNeel Keenan, and his team will be answering any questions submitted on the thread! You won't want to miss it.


    Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub®

    1. Q: How many sessions can you have going on at one time? asked by @April Sailsbury

    • A: There is a 500 total session limit within Flex events, so up to 500!

    2. Q: Is the wireframe of any of the Virtual Attendee Hub pages customizable, or what parts can be customized? asked by @Miranda Allen

    • A: The aspects of the Virtual Attendee Hub that are customizable are the theme colors and brand images (website header, logo, session header image, event details image).

    3. Q: Are there plans to add the ability to add your own tabs across the top to create custom pages as needed? asked by @Miranda Allen

    • A: We are looking to add custom pages in the future but we are not able to provide an exact timeline at this time.

    4. Q: What's the difference between the CrowdCompass Online Event Guide vs Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub? When would we use one vs the other? asked by @Peggy Ng

    • A: I would recommend reaching out to your Cvent Account Team to discuss the key differences and which makes the most sense for your virtual/hybrid event. They can run a Virtual Attendee Hub demo with you and answer any additional specific functionality questions you may have!

    5. Q: Can the moderator approve or reject questions so they are not viewable by attendees until approved? asked by @Miranda Allen

    • A: Yes, a moderator can approve.
    ​​6. Q: Once the session becomes on-demand (after the official session time is over) can Q&A be turned off? asked by @Miranda Allen

    • A: Yes! You can actually set a custom time in advance for when Q&A should be active.

    7. Q: Does the Virtual Attendee Hub support appointments? asked by @Alejandra Guzmán

    • A: Yes, it does!

    8. Q: Will this be able to support different/multiple languages? asked by @Anna Friday

    • A: Single language support will be available by September in all of the attendee-facing languages currently supported in Flex. We are working on multi-lingual support in Q4 with a release slated for Q1 which will also support all attendee-facing languages currently supported in Flex. Stay tuned!

    9. Q: When do you expect Cvent Engagement Hub to be available to use? Are you waiting until after Cvent Connect or will it be available prior to? asked by @Tammy Boucher and @Marissa Spiers

    • A: It will be available for events ON OR AFTER September 1st, but it is available for pre-sale now! so you can absolutely start the conversations with your Cvent Account Team now to get additional info or a quick demo.

    10. Q: Is the Virtual Attendee Hub an additional cost or will it be part of the Event system? asked by @Sinclaire Erdwien and @Mary Donini

    • A: While the new solution is found within your Flex events, the license is an additional cost - your Account Manager can provide additional info!
    ​​​​​11. Q: It looks like Cvent Attendee Hub will have a mobile component. How does this overlap with CrowdCompass? asked by @GREG RAY

    • A: Ultimately, the mobile component will replace CrowdCompass and the Online Event Guide, but that is a long way down the road. Right now, the mobile component of the Virtual Attendee Hub can be thought of as a 'lite' version, and CrowdCompass has that more robust functionality. For Virtual Attendee Hub, there is no additional cost for the mobile piece of it - it's a package of both the virtual event experience on the web & the app.

    12. Q: When will Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub have its own video streaming function? As opposed to integrating with Zoom, WebEx, etc. asked by @Jerry Turner

    • A: This is something we are currently evaluating but no timelines have been set.

    13. Q: Will you be able to record concurrent breakouts? asked by @Paolo Gonzalez

    • A: Yes!

    14. Q: Will you be able to pre-sort registrants into breakout rooms? asked by @Paolo Gonzalez

    • A: Are you referring to within a collaborative session? If so, then with Zoom you are not able to pre-assign - this will have to be done when the host joins.
    ​15. Q: What kind of streaming will be supported in the new virtual hub? asked by @John Dayer
    • A: For presentation style sessions, our video player can support streaming via RTMP.

    16. Q: Are there any specific differences regarding requirements for compliance, regulations, disclaimer when going to "Virtual Meetings"? asked by @Arabelle Fourgo

    • A: I'd recommend reaching out to your Account Team on this one for your organization's specific requirements! They can best advise.

    Event Management

    1. Q: Is there a help article for the attendee SSO? asked by @ASHLEIGH HUFF

    2. Q: Is bulk unregister available only for newly created flex events or will it be available for flex events that are created currently? asked by @Claire Shields

    • A: Bulk unregister can be used in any Flex event, regardless of when it was created.

    3. Q: Administrator Management – what did you mean by this? One of my "bucket list" items is to be able to add an administrator to those registered that did not put in the administrator information when they originally registered. Does this mean we can now do that? Or can they only have an administrator if they originally added it in the original registration? asked by @Vicki Thiele

    • A: At the moment you can still only add an administrator during the initial registration, but we're planning on allowing them to be added post-registration in the future.

    4. Q: For donation items, is there a fee on the donation? asked by @Shay Urban

    • A: There is no fee to you as a Cvent customer to utilize this feature, but yes there will be for your registrants! For example, you can set up a "Red Cross donation" item, and then your registrants can input the dollar amount that they want to donate. However they still need to be processed via any merchant processor set up, so you would still incur a transaction fee there.

    5. Q: If we're adding virtual event details, would that be from our own virtual conferencing platform like Zoom? asked by @Shay Urban

    • A: Correct, you would be adding the details from your own video conferencing platform.

    6. Q: How does the Donation widget differ from the "Additional Items" widget? Does it allow you to bypass fees or direct to a separate processor? asked by @Kristin Huben

    • A: Additional Items is the default title for the Quantity Items widget, which is different from Donation Items. Quantity Items are meant for choosing how many of an item you'd like to purchase, whereas Donation Items are meant to allow the invitee to choose how much they would like to donate to a cause. Both are still processed through the same payment processors set up for the rest of the event, and would incur any fees for that merchant.

    7. Q: Is Multi-language on Flex still set to launch this month? My organization is in Canada and we have a bilingual mandate. We cannot move over to Flex until multi-language functionality is available. asked by @Jen O'Toole

    • A: We are currently on track to release multi-language at the very end of August, and development is almost complete. If the release timeline slides back, we will update the Flex feature page accordingly.

    8. Q: Are we able to customize Flex widgets? The "Boxed" hotel or travel widgets don't ask all the questions we incorporate in our reg builds asked by @Jen O'Toole

    • A: All Flex widgets have different levels of customization. The travel widgets have some built in questions, but if you'd like to ask anything additional you can add extra questions via the Question widget and associate them to travel widget selections.

    9. Q: For Group Flights, is there a maximum number per group? asked by @Lynda Gibbs

    • A: Group Flights refers to the ability to pre-book seats for a flight, and allow invitees to claim those seats. You can have up to 999,999 seats available per flight, but that's not a limitation we're expecting anyone to reach. In terms of how it interfaces with group registration, every group member can select claim their own seat on a group flight.

    10. Q: Is the Placeholder Text option (that was just released in the MRF) available in the Site Designer for Flex events? asked by @Kaulise Lungstrom and @Sabika Fathima

    • A: Not at this time, but it is something the Flex team is currently evaluating.

    Speaker Resource Center

    1. Q: Will tasks copy over when you duplicate an event? asked by @Alejandra Guzmán

    • A: Yes, tasks will copy into the new event.

    2. Q: In the SRC, what is the file type size limit? asked by @Mia McLaughlin

    • A: The maximum file size allowed is 250MB


    1. Q: Sorry - was the default time 15 or 50 min for the EventCenter timeout? asked by @Brenda Jones

    • A: It's actually 60 minutes!

    2. Q: Is this update for Weblinks for both mobile & desktop versions of CrowdCompass? asked by @Christine Rocco

    • A: That's correct - available in OEG, iOS, and Android.

    3. Q: Do you get charged twice for registrants if we are doing a virtual event and crowd compass? asked by @Shay Urban

    • A: I would recommend bringing this up with your Account Manager!

    4. Q: In Crowdcompass, with the links to the virtual events, is there a way to create a different link for each attendee? We use ON24 and each attendee needs their own specialized link to access the ON24 webcast. asked by @Peggy Ng

    • A: There isn't a way right now, but reach out to our Customer Support team and they can help with some workarounds that may work for your use case!

    Onsite Solutions - OnArrival

    1. Q: Does OnArrival support SSO for iPads or iPhones? asked by @Peggy Ng

    • A: Yes! OnArrival Android and iOS both now support Planner SSO login on tablet and phone.

    2. Q: Is QuickScan also able to connect to temperature check systems to consolidate that information on the registration information as well? asked by @Keiko Takeshita

    • A: Currently, QuickScan and Kiosk Modes do not integrate with thermometers - however, temperature can be collected as a registration question/custom question in planner mode in OnArrival.


    1. Q: Can multiple people register (up to specified capacity) to attend the same appointment time? asked by @Roy Sanson-Mosier

    • A: Not at this time, no group self-scheduled appointments is supported at this time. You can offer multiple 1-1 appointments at the same time.


    1. Q: We were told that our survey questions/responses would not be transferred over to the new platform - is that accurate? asked by @Kelsey Huber

    • A: We will soon be providing a data migration tool that would allow you to move the question and answer data from your closed & archived surveys to the new platform. The migration tool will be available by the first half of 2021.


    Cvent Official - Product News

  • 2.  RE: Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q2 2020 Updates)

    Posted 08-19-2020 19:10

    Do you have a matrix that breaks down the differences between the Virtual Attendee Hub, the Virtual Attendee Hub Mobile component (is this an app?) and CrowdCompass?  Trying to understand what can be done on the Virtual Attendee Hub that can't be done on CrowdCompass i.e. embedded live stream, on-demand content etc.  

    Also, when would we use the VAH mobile component vs CrowdCompass? 


    Henk Hassett
    Event Project Manager

  • 3.  RE: Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q2 2020 Updates)

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 08-24-2020 14:05
    Hi Henk,

    I hope you are doing well! Thank you for your question. It will be best to discuss this further with your Account Manager, who can also loop in a Technical Consultant to review the product features of Virtual Attendee Hub compared to CrowdCompass. They can discuss your organization's specific needs/goals to align on the correct next step for you.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 4.  RE: Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q2 2020 Updates)

    Posted 08-24-2020 19:44

    Hi Danni,

    Thanks for the reply.

    We have already discussed this with our Account Manager but she's light on information and was not able to provide this detail.  I'm hoping we'll get some clarity at Cvent Connect.


    Henk Hassett
    Event Project Manager

  • 5.  RE: Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q2 2020 Updates)

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 08-25-2020 08:13

    Hi Henk,

    I see, thanks for your response! I would then encourage you to post these questions through our Community Ask the Expert discussion with the Cvent Product Managers leading the Virtual Attendee Hub product, including our Vice President of Product Management, McNeel Keenan. The live session will kick off at 11:00am ET on Thursday, however the thread is open and you can post your question today.

    Here is the discussion link.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy Cvent CONNECT Virtual!



    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing