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Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q1 2020 Updates)

  • 1.  Q&As from our Quarterly Product Update Webinar (Q1 2020 Updates)

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 05-20-2020 14:23
    Edited by Jodi Meier 06-12-2020 08:48

    For those who joined us earlier in May for our Q1 2020 Quarterly Product Updates webinar, thanks for attending! We hope you found the presented content valuable and left with a clear understanding of Cvent product development. Our next QPU Webinar will be held in early August - be on the lookout for that invite in the Community soon.

    Couldn't join us this quarter? We missed you! Find the on-demand link here, which has been chapterized for you to easily jump between the product updates you want to listen to. 

    You asked your questions, and we have your answers. Below you will find the full Q&A from this past webinar, broken down by product. Do you have additional questions about leveraging the Cvent Event App for your virtual event strategy? We will have more information on the new offering at the end of June.  You can reach out to your Account Manager then or join us at Cvent CONNECT Virtual (August 25-26) to see it in action!


    1. Q: Is this being recorded? I'd like to have colleagues watch on-demand if possible. asked by @Chip Begley, @Tracey Drew, and @ASHLEIGH HUFF
    • A: Yes, here is the recording! The recording is also chapterized, making it easier for you to jump between the product sections you need to listen to.
    2. Q: Community is really great now! It would be good if we could search the Open Forum like Google. asked by @Anna Friday
    • A: You are able to search the Open Forum! If you go to the "Search" tab in the main Community navigation (all the way to the right), you'll be able to search.
    3. Q: What is the best way to submit product enhancements? And where do the bulk of the enhancements you implement come from? e.g. submitted cases? Forums? High voting numbers from users? asked by @Sara Shidal
    • A: Your best way to submit product enhancements is by going to the Ideas page of the Cvent Community. You can also vote on other ideas submitted! The enhancements come from a mix of submitted cases, Ideas posted in the Community (particularly with high votes), and direct feedback from customers.
    4. Q: What is a typical turn around time for enhancement request viewing? Meaning, does Cvent take time at certain points of the year to review enhancement request and decide when/how to implement them? Or is Cvent continually reviewing and implementing enhancement requests as they are submitted? asked by @Sara Shidal
    • A: We are continually reviewing requests coming in! Our Product Management team typically goes into a planning phase once per quarter, where they map out priority releases across the product lines. Then, the releases are launched throughout each quarter, and we put together this quarterly presentation to make sure you're up to speed on everything that's been released.

    Event Management

    Q: Do the sessions give you the option to do Outlook and Google? (on Flex?) asked by @CATALINA CELY
    • A: At the moment, the Add to Calendar features we have only support a generic calendar download, but we are planning on adding more specific options like directly adding to Google and Outlook calendars.
    2. Q: Does the session add to calendar include a data tag to be able to add all or any to the confirmation email? asked by @Heather Payne
    • A: There are Session Calendar data tags that can be added to event emails or session emails that allow recipients to add individual sessions to their calendar.
    3. Q: A feature I've been watching for since November is "Account Level Discount Codes." I've noticed that its been pushed back a few different times. I was wondering why that is or if you could touch on any information around that? In our circumstance, this is the biggest setback in transitioning our events to Flex. asked by @Sara Shidal
    • A: Our goal is to remain transparent about roadmap changes to prepare you for a smooth transition. While this feature is still planned, we have been focusing on several compliance initiatives and features that will make the virtual event experience possible in the short term. Check back periodically on the Flex Features page for release updates.
    4. Q: I would like to know if it will be possible, in the future to store translations of the question library. At the moment, they have to be translated for each event. asked by @Ashley Casal
    • A: This is a great suggestion! At this time we do not have this planned, but please submit your enhancement requests and feedback to the Ideas page of the Cvent Community for future consideration.
    5. Q: When will there be an updated question library that will work with FLEX? asked by @Debbie Odden
    • A: Yes! The Question Library is definitely a feature we're bringing to Flex, and we are planning for a release sometime in the second half of the year. Check back periodically on the Flex Features page for updates.
    6. Q: You just did a recent update to Crowd Compass where attendees can check the time of the event in their on timezone. With us all going online this feature is important now more than ever. Is there any plans to add that in Event so people can check this when registering for an event? asked by @Anna Friday
    • A: Yes! We are currently designing solutions to make it clear to invitees when an event is occurring, regardless of their current timezone.
    7. Q: In Flex, is the Air Travel capabilities now available like in Classic? asked by @Carrie Wilson
    • A: Currently Flex events can support Air Requests, Air Actuals, and Group Flight capabilities comparable to Classic. There are a few remaining features such as the GetThere and Rearden integrations that we have yet to release. For specific questions related to travel options, we recommend working directly with your account team.
    8. Q: Will Cvent have the capability to conduct virtual events for 175-200 people? asked by @Genevieve Gapud-Duty
    • A: Yes! Cvent has a number of features already in place to support virtual events, and are quickly developing more to enhance the experience. To learn more visit this page.
    9. Q: I've built a few Classic Events for the meetings in the next half of the year. But most of them have been suspended for now. During this period of time, we're transitioning to Flex. When the meetings resumed, can I convert the already-built Class Events to Flex Events directly? Or, should I completely build new Flex Events from scratch? asked by @Shanglan Chen
    • A: Great to hear you're getting started! We built Flex with a site designer, responsive design, and widgets to solve for some of the limitations of classic events. Because Flex is built differently than Classic, you'll need to build your existing events in Flex directly rather than copying. Once you setup your first event or templates with a theme or configuration you prefer, you may copy to create more Flex events.
    10. Q: For organizations that offer continuing education units, does Cvent have an option to check in and check out of sessions to receive credit for attending? asked by @Joette Cross
    • A: Yes! OnArrival Premium allows for Session check in and check out. You may even use Session Scanning to make this process simple onsite. This will allow you to keep track of how long invitees actually attend sessions in order to award credits.
    11. Q: Can you add videos to web page headers? asked by @Aimee Preece
    • A: Yes! The video widget may be added to any page or section of the event website and registration process, including the header and footer.
    ​​​​​​12Q: With the return to the confirmation page after passkey, are you going to look at a similar process for concur? Return to confirmation after booking their air? asked by @HAYLEY MCMEEKEN
    • A: This is a great suggestion, and we have this on our radar, however it is not currently planned for a particular time.
    13. Q: Is the Single Sign On already live in Flex? asked by @Sofie Beunckens
    • A: Yes! Attendee Single Sign On was just released for Flex events at the beginning of Q2.
    14. Q: When will multi-language be available in Flex? asked by @Dana Tilghman, @Anna Friday, @Thomas Wehrmann, @Patricia Morrison, @Ashley Casal, and @Natalie Law
    • A: Multi-Language Events are currently slated to be released in Q2 2020. Check back periodically on the Flex Features page for updates.
    15. Q: Will the post-payment option be auto-added to existing events or do I need to add it? asked by @Debbie Odden
    • A: Any features released in Flex after you have already created your event will retroactively be available for use in the existing event! For some features, you'll just have to go to Event Details > Event Configuration and turn it on, and for others, you can easily navigate to the Site Designer to configure. Reach out to our Customer Support team if you need any further assistance.
    16. Q: Will the newly released features of Flex be available in our organization's event template? Do we need to recreate the Flex template? Do need to do anything to be able to use the new features? asked by @Shanglan Chen
    • A: Any features released in Flex after you have already created your event will retroactively be available for use in the existing event! For some features, you'll just have to go to Event Details > Event Configuration and turn it on, and for others, you can easily navigate to the Site Designer to configure. Reach out to our Customer Support team if you need any further assistance.
    17. Q: Will "Optional Items" be expanded to more than donations (the current offering). For example, will we be able to use the tool to charge for extra tickets to an event, a t-shirt, etc? asked by @Katie Loops
    • A: Donation Items and Quantity Items are both already released in Flex. Quantity Items are what you'll want to use for your example of extra tickets or a t-shirt. Quantity Items were released in early May, so we'll cover those in our Q2 release webinar (happening in August) but they are available now in your Flex events!
    18. Q: Are all events still on track to transition to Flex versus classic registration by the end of the year? asked by @Kelly Houten
    • A: May 1, 2021 will be the last day to create a Classic event, whether it be creating from scratch or via copy/template. All Classic events must end by December 31, 2021. For more information, check out our FAQ page.
    ​​​​​​19Q: Is the greylist/blacklist functionality still in progress for Q2 release? asked by @Alexandra Scott
    • A: Greylist/Blastlist is currently slated to be released in the second half of 2020. Check back periodically on the Flex Features page for updates.
    20. Q: Is roommate matching available for Flex and Classic events? asked by @Alejandra Ramirez
    • A: Yep, Roommate Matching is officially available across both event types! If you have any questions on how to leverage this in your Flex event, reach out to your Cvent Account Team.
    21. Q: I'm preparing for the Cvent Certification Exam. I'm still adjusting to Flex Events and its changes and new features. Will there be more questions about Flex Events as of now? asked by @Shanglan Chen
    • A: There are a few sections specific to Flex in the exam. We recommend using the Certification Prep Guide to study the particular sections on Flex that you should be familiar with.

    Integrations - Cvent Salesforce App

    Q: Can we purchase and use Salesforce App in Japan market? asked by @Yoshiki Mitsumoto
    • A: At the moment the Salesforce App can only be downloaded in English, but we are planning on adding support for Japanese and other languages in the future.

    Enterprise / Meetings Management

    Q: Can we redirect the Budget Estimate to automatically add to the ACTUAL column instead of the first column? asked by @Nicole Valach
    • A: This particular feature is specific to the first column. In a later enhancement, we can take a look at making that change. Also, as we look toward Simple Meetings, we do expect to allow the editing of actuals within our Simple Meeting Event Page. That portion is slated for later this year.
    2. Q: With regard to comments related to statuses in MRF process can we control visibility e.g. not allow requesters to see those comments? asked by @Kim Villines
    • A: Currently, those comments are public and able to be viewed by requesters.
    3. Q: In the Access Portal Site Designer, it appears there are limited widgets to use. Will this be expanded to add more widgets so we have the ability to design an attractive portal? Like custom buttons? asked by @Lisa Charney
    • A: We currently support the widgets that are available in the site designer. There are options to change the look and feel of the portal with the theming. If you have specific items that you would like to see included, we would love to hear more about them. Submit your idea on the 'Ideas' tab of the Community. Thanks!


    Q: Is the new webcast link SSO enabled? Since they've logged into the app - will it push them seamlessly into the webinar without putting in a code or password? asked by @Jennifer Shuler
    • A: It will all really depend on how you set up the webinar. If the link to the webinar requires that everyone will have to input their password, the user will have to input the password for security reasons. This is made easier from a user experience perspective, in that we allow copy of the password field on iOS/Android so users can easily copy/paste the password if need be.
    2. Q: Is the virtual weblink available now? And is there an additional cost? asked by @Jennifer Gerstenberg
    • A: It is available now in CrowdCompass and at no additional cost! Reach out to your Cvent Account Team if you have any further questions on using this for your events.
    3. Q: Will both groups sync or is it one or the other? (Registration Types or Admission Items) asked by @Lexi Barber
    • A: It is one or the other, not both.
    4. Q: Regarding the roadmap, is there any plan to create a way to "gate" virtual breakout content in the app based on admission item? I want to create levels of access to virtual breakouts based on admission item, and don't want sessions to be viewable by those who didn't pay for that admission item level. asked by @Miranda Allen
    • A: Currently, Admission Item is intended to use for attendee association and not session association in CC. For visibility, planners can assign the admission group to the session.
    5. Q: What specifically changed for CrowdCompass attendee login? asked by @Anna Bauch
    • A: Sign up users and Invite only users are now using the same login. The shortened process is now removing 1 click from the user, they fill out first name, last name, and email all in one page rather than 3 in some instances.

    Onsite Solutions

    Q: Are you able to add a decline / cancelled option on OnArrival so we know who has cancelled on the day of the event and is not a no-show? asked by @Rebecca Smith
    • A: OnArrival currently only shows accepted registrants. If in the future we choose to expose invitees in the app, this status would be included, but this development is not in scope at this time.
    2. Q: What name badge options (paper or plastic) are available with NFC? asked by @Doug Ortiz
    • A: OnArrival can encode NFC badges (which are all plastic) using our OnArrival 360 advanced printing solution with ZC10L printers. CR80 badges are also associated to attendees if they support the NTAG213/215/216 standards.
    3. Q: Are you considering an interactive floorplan for the exhibitor management tool so vendors can select and pay for their booth space all in the portal/Cvent? asked by @Tiffany Holloway
    • A: Floorplans are being considered on longer-term roadmaps, but we don't have any timelines to share at the moment. 


    Q: Will it ever be possible to clone a survey in the New Surveys solution? asked by @Susan Levick
    • A: Yes, copying a survey is already supported in the redesigned survey tool. You'd be able to find the option "Copy of existing survey" when you create a new survey, this would allow you to select another survey to copy from. In case of event feedback, basic event surveys would get automatically copied when the event is copied over, and for premium event surveys we provide an option to create new or copy from another survey under Events > Website & Registration > Feedback Surveys
    2. Q: Is the Certificate option only for online workshops? Or can they be generated for in-person workshops/conferences? asked by @Chaeryl Balanko
    • A: Certificates feature can be utilized for any business case that you see fit. You can distribute them either by sending out an email to your respondents with their certificate or making it available in the survey pages.
    3. Q: How should a private survey be previewed/tested? I noticed that when the private functionality is turned on, the survey does not display correctly when previewed from the link. asked by @Beatrice Santiago
    • A: Private surveys are available only for members in the survey invitation list, so you can add yourself to the invitation list before testing the survey. When accessing the survey link, you will be prompted to confirm your identity to enter the survey.
    4. Q: I am a registered attendee, why can I not see the survey went sent to myself as a test? Only works if I test as a website feedback survey test. asked by @Melissa McGowen
    • A: We currently support test send to logged in user under the perform test action. Alternatively, you can also test by sending the Event Feedback email under Promotion & Communication > Event Emails.
    5. Q: We were told that we can send premium surveys to planners to test even when they were not invited but it is not working and this has been escalated to support. asked by @Melissa McGowen
    • A: You must be part of the invitation list and registered for the event to test the feedback survey. This is by design because part of the testing process includes checking whether the appropriate session surveys and general feedback surveys are available when the attendee comes to the survey home page. This wouldn't be possible if the attendee is not invited to the event.
    6. Q: Is it possible to send a survey to only people who have not answered it? asked by @Margaret Eagers
    • A: Yes, this can be achieved by specifying filters on respondent status before sending out the email. This filtering capability is available both while sending the email manually or scheduling it at a certain time.

    Cvent Supplier Network (Planner-side)

    Q: When can we expect the RFP process to be updated? asked by @Susan Levick
    • A: If your question is in regards to Commission, it's updated now if you select 'Yes' to being a Third Party planner on the RFP. Meeting Packages also are already updated.

    Passkey (Planner-side)

    Q: The feature in which the registrant is directed back to the Cvent CF Page, is only applicable to those Users which have purchased the Passkey integration from Cvent, correct? If a client does NOT have the PK integration, however, the venue has set up the block using PK, that feature of the registrant being directed back to the CF Page will not apply - is that correct? asked by @Susan Smith
    • A: The Cvent Registration and Cvent Passkey Integration is available to all Passkey events with no special add-on licensing required on the Passkey side. Using Cvent Registration, you only need to have the included Travel module turned on to enable this integration (at no additional cost). If you are using other registration providers, they would be able to create a similar experience using the Passkey APIs, but this would involve custom development work on their side.
    2. Q: Is there functionality to support cost for selected nights for free (master account) while other selected nights go to own pocket and link to a credit card page? asked by @Grace Kuo
    • A: While we do not currently support different payment plans across the nights of the reservation, we are actively considering that enhancement.

    Social Tables (Planner-side)

    Q: Will you able to use social tables directly through Cvent or will they remain separate logins and pricing? asked by @Devin Hernandez
    • A: Currently, Social Tables and Cvent logins/pricing are still separate; however, we are exploring how to better create a more seamless and streamlined authentication process between products.
    2. Q: When you import attendee information, can that include registration questions such as dietary restrictions and meal selection? asked by @Caroline Livingston
    • A: Registration questions will flow into Social Tables from Cvent! However, it is important to note that session-level questions will not.
    3. Q: Can we allocate table to attendees differently for different sessions, even the sessions are all at the same location? asked by @Jane Guo
    • A: Yes; however Social Tables currently only supports one attendee list per event, so you will need to create separate events for each session.


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