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Weekly Product Release Notes - October 8, 2019

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  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - October 8, 2019

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-08-2019 14:58
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    This week, we have a new #Event(Flex) release, as well as a few #Surveys updates (for both Flex​​ feedback surveys and standalone surveys)!

    Event Management (Flex)

    Support for HOP (Hosted Order Page) Payment Processors in Flex:
     In addition to PayPal, Flex events can now accept payments using the following HOP payment gateways: Authorize.Net – SIM*, CyberSource Secure Acceptance, and TouchNet. If you have one of these merchant accounts enabled in your Cvent account, you can now add it as a payment option in your Flex event via the Payment page of the Site Designer.

    *Note: If you plan to add an Authorize.Net – SIM gateway to your Flex event, you must first whitelist the following two Response URLs in your merchant account portal: and Whitelisting Instructions:
    Log into the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface and click "Account" from the main toolbar. Then, click "Response/Receipt URLs" under "Transaction Format Settings", click "Add URL", enter the above two Response URLs, and click Submit.

    Surveys - Basic Feedback Surveys for Flex Events

    Report Enhancements:
    Based on customer feedback, we've split the "Event Feedback by Invitee (One Survey)" report into 2 separate reports. They are: General Feedback Details, which is dedicated to general feedback survey results, and Session Feedback Details, which is dedicated to session feedback survey results.

    Surveys - Premium Feedback Surveys for Flex Events

    General Feedback Survey Visibility Logic:
    Looking to ask different survey questions to your VIP attendees? You can now use survey visibility logic to define what surveys an attendee can see based on the criteria they meet. You'll set up your criteria on the general feedback surveys and the survey will only appear for attendees who meet that criteria.

    Collect Feedback Before, During, and After the Event: You can now create multiple general feedback surveys and configure them to be available before, during, and/or after the event with new availability settings.  The pre-event survey can help you get a general read of the attendees and their expectations for the event, using surveys during the event can keep your attendees engaged and collect in-the-moment feedback, and post-event surveys can help you gather overall event experience feedback.

    Award Session Credits After Survey Completion: You can now automatically award session credits to attendees after they've completed a session survey. Previously, this feature was available only for event credits but now has been extended.

    Session Rating Comparison Report: You can now compare average ratings across multiple sessions in a single report. All of the rating questions in the session survey will be displayed alongside the session information. This report will help you and your stakeholders quickly scan and identify top-rated sessions and sessions that need some improvement.

    Standalone Surveys - Surveys (New)

    Chapter Visibility Logic:
    Looking to ask different questions to different respondents based on their contact or respondent information? You'll set up your criteria on individual chapters and the chapter will only appear for respondents who meet that criteria.

    Animated Message on Survey Completion Page: Now, you can add an animation widget to the "Thank You" page that will animate when respondents complete the survey and reach that page. You can choose between a checkmark, envelope, or list animation.

    Custom Fonts: You can now use custom fonts in the survey designer to make the survey match their brand guidelines. They can upload their fonts by going to Admin > Account > General > Custom Fonts.


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