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Managing Portal Logins

  • 1.  Managing Portal Logins

    Posted 9 days ago

     I was wondering if anyone else if having issues with the portal and users who share a login selecting the "reset password" often ? We have it set up so that each group of users have a unique login, but as a member of the group forgets the login they are selecting the forgot password button. Looking for suggestions. 

    Laura Cloninger

    Laura Cloninger
    Membership and Event Registration Coordinator
    Association for Manufacturing Excellence

  • 2.  RE: Managing Portal Logins

    Community MVP
    Posted 8 days ago

    Thanks for posting this, Laura.  This is good to know as we are piloting our new Access Portal. 

    While we are on the subject, is anyone using SSO?  This might mitigate the issue. If yes, did your users have to first complete the 24-hour password setting prior to having the SSO function?

    Loretta Peterson
    Events Associate

  • 3.  RE: Managing Portal Logins

    Community MVP
    Posted yesterday
    How do we enable the ability for SSO?  That would be great to have!

    Michele Gebrayel
    Corporate Event Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.