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    Posted 09-30-2019 11:36
    I'm just getting back to using Cvent so this may seem like a silly question, is there a way to customize the "Category" field?

    I created a custom field called Event Category but if I can use what is already there just add some additional event types that would be great.

    Thank you


    Michaela Rehm
    SUNY Center for Professional Development

  • 2.  RE: Category

    Posted 10-04-2019 16:56

    Adding Session Categories

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    Designed to organize your agenda based on topics, session categories lump related sessions together so that invitees can more easily find the ones that interest them.
    NOTE: Session categories can only be edited in Admin > Events > Agenda Items & Fees > Session Categories. Once a category has been associated to at least one session, it cannot be deleted.
    User-added image
    NOTE: Though it's easy to mix them up, session categories and session groups are two distinct features that work together to customize how sessions display during registration.
    1 Access the Sessions page. Begin by selecting your event. Hover over Event Details and, under Agenda Items, click Sessions.

    2 Add a category to the sessions. Select a session and click Edit. Click the ellipses (...) next to Category, and select a session category or create a new one.

    User-added image
    Click SaveRepeat as necessary.
    NOTE: Don't see this option? Ask an Administrator to give you access under Admin > Users > Manage > User Roles. Within the user role, on the Administrative tab, they will need to switch "Session Categories" to Full Access under Event Permissions.

    3 Order your session categories. Click Close to return to the Sessions page. Hover over Actions and select Set Category Order.
    User-added image
    In the reorder column, click and drag to reorder the categories.
    Don't forget to Save.
    NOTE: Organizing your agenda by session category first? Any sessions that don't have one will appear above the rest.

    Hallie Loeb
    Meeting Technology Specialist
    Travel and Transport, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Category

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-11-2019 10:21
    Hi Michaela,

    You can take a look at an article from the Community called Using Custom Event Fields which may have some helpful information on customizing your Custom Fields. I would also recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team at 866.318.4357, option 1, for step by step assistance.


    Cailey Lewis
    Client Success Advisor, Event Management