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Weekly Product Release Notes - September 24, 2019

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  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - September 24, 2019

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-24-2019 13:43
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    We've got some good #Event(Flex) updates for you today, as well as updates on #CrowdCompass!​​


    Event Management (Flex)

    Question Tags for Cross-Event Reporting: You can now use question tags to connect similar (or the same) questions across multiple events. This allows you to easily compare and analyze responses in cross-event reporting. Question tags are created in Admin > Libraries and can be associated to registration questions from within the Question widget in Flex events. Select tags by going to the new menu on the Question widget's right-hand panel.

    Please note:
    - Only 1 question tag can be associated with 1 question in an event.
    - Question tags can't be associated with travel or feedback questions.

    Custom Answer Formats: You can now use Custom Answer Formats in your Flex events.

    Please note:
    - Space only formats are no longer supported

    custom answer format

    Add Guests to Address Book: You can now add your registrant's guests as contacts in the Address Book. By adding guests as contacts, you're able to expand your contact database and it can help you market future events to a larger amount of people. Enable this feature in the Guest widget in the registration process (under Advanced Settings section in the right-hand panel).

    Please note:
    - After the guest is added to the Address Book, updating their contact info in the Address Book won't update their record in the event and vice versa.
    - This is a widget-level setting, so it will need to be enabled/disabled on each registration path if the planner has multiple registration paths in the event.
    - When guests are added to the Address Book, registrants will need to provide a different email address for their guests.

    Website Data Tags: Planners are now able to add data tags to the site editor using the rich-text editor. Data tags can help you give your invitees a more personalized experience. There's a new button added to the rich-text editor that opens a list of all the supported data tags you can use (certain data tags will not function on certain registration pages).

    Please note:
    - Once data tags are added, they will show either live data or example data depending on the data tag type. For example, event-level data will show live data and contact-level will show example data.

    Travel and Alternate Travel Questions: You can now add questions to your registration process to collect travel-specific information, like transportation or catering details. When an invitee registers for an event, you can collect information in multiple question formats, including text answers, single/multi-select, and date/time.

    Please note:
    - Now, your invitees can answer the travel's hotel question per room. For example, if an invitee has placed the hotel request for 2 rooms, then they will be presented with 2 sets of hotel questions.
    - The file upload question isn't supported for travel and alternate questions.
    - Question tags can't be used with travel and alternate questions.


    Pinned Quick-Access Icons: Now the quick-access icons on Dynamic Event Guide are even more convenient for your attendees! These icons represent important event information that you want to make sure attendees have quick access to, and now when an attendee swipes down the event guide, the quick-access icons stay at the top of their screen. Before this, your attendees would have to go back to the top to see them again.

    Notes on Dynamic Event Guide: It's now really quick and easy for attendees to view and export their notes right from Dynamic Event Guide after the event is over. After the event, a Notes section appears on the Dynamic Event Guide showing attendees the last three notes saved in the app, and then giving them an option to view or export all of their notes if they'd like to. Before this update, attendees could still export their notes, but the option wasn't so obvious. Calling it out on the Dynamic Event Guide engages attendees post-event by reminding them about notes they took, and by making the export option more clear.

    Note: This section won't appear after the event if an attendee hasn't taken any notes. Also, if an attendee updates a note from this view, they'll need to refresh their screen to see the update.

    Improvements to Attendee Search Results: Now when an attendee searches for someone who's hidden on the attendee list, we provide a notification saying how it's possible that the attendee hid their profile or just hasn't logged in yet. This helps your attendees better understand why they might not find someone they're looking for.

    Appointments List Improvements: We made some updates to the appointments list. Appointments are sorted by creation date, with the most recent appointment at the top. A pending inbound appointment will show attendees "Accept" and "Decline" buttons. After the attendee responds to the appointment invitation by tapping one of those buttons, a pill will display the status, confirming to the attendee that they "Accepted" or "Declined" the appointment.


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