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Giving credit for specific included sessions

  • 1.  Giving credit for specific included sessions

    Posted 10-21-2020 21:07
    Is there a way to give credit for only the included sessions that an attendee participated in?  On the Event CE certificate, I would like it to print the credit the attendee earned.   Meaning only the sessions they attended.  So if our conference has 10 sessions that are included in registration and the attendee only participated in 4 (1 credit per session), I want the certificate to say 4 CEU earned.  I know how to assign credit to optional sessions.  I also know about the data tag for session credit, but again, it only seems to count optional sessions.

    Thanks for any help that you can give

    Michael Goldenberg
    Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association

  • 2.  RE: Giving credit for specific included sessions

    Posted 11-02-2020 10:42
    It would be ideal if there was some way in Cvent to track the number of sessions within an Event to do the math and provide the correct number of credits on the certificate. For our events with multiple sessions (which we dislike for this exact reason, and prefer Events with just one session), we provide CPE certificates for each Session separately, with the name of the Session on the certificate. So, in your case... it may be easier (?) to do Session-level certificates until Cvent has a solution in place.

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.