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appointment locations

  • 1.  appointment locations

    Posted 09-12-2019 23:08
    Is there a way to have the same location for multiple appointment types? I have about 15 appointment types, but they all take place in the same location. But I can't seem to assign more than one appointment type to the location. I have a large capacity. Not sure if there is a workaround.


  • 2.  RE: appointment locations

    Posted 09-20-2019 11:24
    It might just be a matter of editing your preferences for locations.

    You can go under Event Details and, under Setup, click Locations. Click Create Location.

    If you got to the "Maximum appointments at the same time" field, make sure that this is not limiting allowing multiple meetings to take place in the same location. 

    Not sure if this will work - but worth a try! 

    Haley Kilar
    Junior Operations Coordinator
    Encore Live Productions

  • 3.  RE: appointment locations

    Posted 09-20-2019 13:13
    ​Thanks - I totally forgot I asked this question here! I ended up figuring out a work around. While the max appointments feature did not work, you just need to have a different appointment location for each appointment type, but can keep the display name the exact same. So that's what I did! I had like 20 different appointment types happening in the same location, so I had to create a "new" location for each of those appointment types, so I just kept the display name the exact same, but unique names for the "location".

    Saima Kassam
    Marketing Coordinator
    Celero Solutions