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Cvent Excellence Awards Ask the Expert Series: Align with the Times (8/19)

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    Hello Cvent Community! My name is Jenny Sosiewicz and I belong to the Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits organization. I look forward to sharing my experiences and hearing from you in our upcoming Ask the Expert session on Aligning with the Times. Along with the Deutsch Family team, it will also feature two other 2020 Excellence Awards finalists. Tune in to see who the winners are (fingers crossed it's us) live on Tuesday, August 25th at 4:30 PM ET by registering for Cvent CONNECT Virtual today

    On Wednesday, August 19th, at Noon-1:00 ET, we'll be hosting a real-time Ask the Expert right here in the Community to answer your questions about using Cvent solutions and best practices to align with the times of virtual, hybrid, and shaping the path for future in-person events. It will feature CUE, a finalist for the Rookie award who successfully pivoted their annual 4,500+ person conference to virtual in less than one week using Cvent and Zoom. Along with Cue, it will feature DuCharme, a finalist for Cvent Superstar, who launched 6 virtual events in one month while increasing attendance and value through new virtual marketing strategies. And as mentioned, it will feature my organization, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits – we are finalists for Ace of Spaces focusing on our success with venue management (we sent over 100 RFPs to 1,000 venues since our start with the Cvent Supplier Network!) and we are happy to discuss the future of venue sourcing for hybrid events and safe sourcing.

    Here's how it works:

    This thread will re-open August 19th, at Noon-1:00PM ET, and you can reply with your questions. If you are not sure if you can make it live, please send your question for CUE, Deutsch Family, and DuCharme to The Cvent Community team is happy to post it on your behalf.

    You can stay connected to this discussion by clicking the star at the top of this post to follow it. Following the discussion means you will get notified when the event is live and see the questions and answers (you can always unfollow it after.)

    We look forward to reading your questions!


    Jenny Sosiewicz
    Event Planner
    Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits