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Attendee FAQ for Virtual Attendee Hub

  • 1.  Attendee FAQ for Virtual Attendee Hub

    Posted 02-04-2021 10:00

    We're launching our first virtual event using the attendee hub. I would love for those who already have done an event, to share their FAQ documents, emails, videos etc. that was shared with their event attendees to help them navigate the Virtual Attendee Hub. 

    Thanks so much!

    Nathalie Adamonis
    Corp Customer Experience Speci
    Direct Supply

  • 2.  RE: Attendee FAQ for Virtual Attendee Hub

    Posted 02-05-2021 10:36
    I am also interested. I just completed a draft of ours and I would love to see if I left anything out. Once completed, happy to share.

    Frank Accosta
    Founder - Poplar Events
    City Parks Alliance

  • 3.  RE: Attendee FAQ for Virtual Attendee Hub

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 02-05-2021 10:49
    Hi Nathalie and Frank,

    I hope you both are well! Although this isn't specific to the Virtual Attendee Hub, there was a great discussion on Virtual Event FAQ's a few weeks back - here is the thread to check out.

    Feel free to tag any of the users here if you are looking for additional insight or more specific detail around the Attendee Hub. It would be great to see more examples shared as you mentioned. From the Cvent side, here is an example from our current virtual Customer Success Group program.



    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing