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Weekly Product Release Notes - November 10, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - November 10, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 11-10-2020 14:17
    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! Coming at you with this week's #EventCloud release notes - we've got updates today across #Event(Flex), #VirtualAttendeeHub, ​​​#Appointments, and #OnsiteSolutions Exhibitor Management.


    Event Registration


    Address Fields in Custom Logic and Visibility Logic: You can now leverage address fields (Home and Work) for the purposes of registrant-specific visibility logic on questions and custom logic to assign registration type.

    Sharing URLs for Marketo and Eloqua: You're now able to share personalized URLs for Marketo and Eloqua by copying it from the site designer. The URL has the registration URL from Cvent with the customer ID data tag added at the end. These URLs take invitees to the registration workflow and pre-populate their information from Marketo or Eloqua.


    Virtual Attendee Hub


    New Engagement Scoring Activities: Two new actions are now available to add to custom Engagement Scores: 'Upvotes Question' and 'Submits Inbound Lead'.

    SMS Verification Code Expanded Countries: We now support 38 countries when sending verification code SMS messages. You can find that full list of countries in this support article.




    Update to check-in functionality: Planners, exhibitors, and attendees can now check in other attendees and hosts at their appointments (as well as undo any check-ins performed by mistake).

    More exhibitor info in reports: You can now view exhibitor names in the following reports: Appointment Details, Appointment Details (Consolidated), Attendee Interests, Attendees, Meetings


    Exhibitor Management


    Leads with Lead Qualifying Questions - Exhibitor Portal: This provides exhibitors with the ability to directly access the leads collected within the event. These include inbound leads submitted for the exhibitor through the Virtual Attendee Hub.

    Exhibitor Engagement Overview Report: This provides you with an overview of how attendees are engaging with exhibitors across the event. The report includes exhibitor-to-exhibitor comparisons to assess how well exhibitors are doing leading up to and throughout the event. The reports display the following activities: Virtual booth views, Virtual meeting joins, Content clicks, Content downloads, Social media and website link engagement, Inbound leads.

    Exhibitor Engagement Details Report: This report delves deeper into the information provided in the Exhibitor Engagement Overview Report. The Exhibitor Engagement Details Report provides you with detailed insight into the ways in which attendees engaged with exhibitors in VAH.




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