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Help! anyone else having issues with Reg Type logic?

  • 1.  Help! anyone else having issues with Reg Type logic?

    Posted 08-31-2020 19:26

    I have escalated this issue, but wanted to know if any other enterprise users are having issues using the reg type logic in Flex? It is not working as designed, which is to assign a reg path based on the answer to a question. For example, "do you like cats or dogs?" if you answer cats, you will be assigned the cat reg type which also sends you the cat reg type emails and all reporting will reflect who the cat people are. If you select "dog" the same logic for a cat would apply but assigning the registrant as a "dog" person instead. This is a crucial part of our workflow which isn't allowing us to move forward with Flex. 

    This is the answer I recently received regarding this issue. "According to Product Management, "custom logic currently runs before individuals hit registration if they come in from an invitation email - we're working to fix that but this is working as designed for now."

    They are already planning to change how that works in an enhancement that is currently under development, but there is no information on when it will be available yet." 

    This is confusing because it is not working as designed if the reg type logic is not allowing the answer to determine the path/reg type/invitation link?

    If anyone else having the same issue, please reach out to me.


    Nadine Demyanovich
    Marketing Analyst
    Illumina, Inc.