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Virtual hub troubleshooting for new users

  • 1.  Virtual hub troubleshooting for new users

    Posted 07-06-2021 10:04

    Hi our organization is using CVENT for the first time. Although CVENT is setting the hub up for us on the days of our conference we are running our event.  In order to anticipate and learn how to resolve common problems I was wondering if people could list the problems they experienced using the hub for extended periods of time (full days) and how they overcame the problems at the time. 

    many thanks 🙏 


    Karyn Todes

  • 2.  RE: Virtual hub troubleshooting for new users

    Posted 07-07-2021 15:43
    YAY! Exciting! Here were a few of our observations:
    • Be online, ready to triage user issues prior to your first session of the day.
      • We have an events email alias so any support needs from our attendees goes to that alias which then goes to 3 of us on the events team. As emails would come in w/ questions/issues we would call dibs on the different emails so we weren't all replying to the same ones. 
      • Common issues: people who thought they registered but didn't, issues w/ receiving the attendee hub verification code, etc
      • By our last day almost everyone could access the hub w/ no issues. 
    • Create some basic 'how to' documents so you can easily email instructions to common questions. 
      • We made them for: How to register, How to update registration, How to update your schedule, How to log in to the hub, how to access recordings. 
    • Our conference was from 8am to midnight to cover multiple time zones. 
      • We divvied up the schedule between the three of us. While we were on the majority of the entire event we definitely carved out a few hours per day to walk away from our computer, eat dinner with the family.. 
    • We had exhibitor booths so we set up a 'help desk' so if people had any issues/questions they could reach a live person. 

    Best of luck and hope this helps!

    Sarah Jordan Usher
    Market Administrator
    CNC Software, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Virtual hub troubleshooting for new users

    Posted 07-07-2021 18:32
    Hi thank you so much. This was really helpful. Thanks for sharing ! 

    Dr. Karyn Todes
    Clinical & Counselling Psychologist

  • 4.  RE: Virtual hub troubleshooting for new users

    Community MVP
    Posted 07-08-2021 10:58
    Hello! I just wrapped up using the Hub for the first time.
    In terms of common problems, we had a couple of users who were seeing black screens instead of the live stream in a session. For most people, that was resolved by switching browsers. We also had a few folks not be able to access the chat, and that was resolved by exiting the session and coming back in.

    We did have an issue with the Q&A crashing during our first event, but when we did our second event a couple of weeks later, we didn't have that issue at all. 

    I do recommend keeping this troubleshooting article handy. 

    Overall we had a good experience with the Hub and our attendees were able to access it easily. I did record a short video about how to use the Hub that we sent out in our welcome video. Normally I'm used to a ton of emails from attendees with questions, and this year I got just one!

    Ginger Swart
    Training Program Coordinator
    Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

  • 5.  RE: Virtual hub troubleshooting for new users

    Posted 07-08-2021 17:45
    Thank you this sorts of assistance is invaluable as I would never have thought to suggest these things 
    Many thanks to you


    Dr. Karyn Todes
    Clinical & Counselling Psychologist