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  • 1.  Pre-assigning Sessions

    Posted 08-04-2021 10:36
    I had a group with 3 sessions (Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3) not all people had to join each session so I had 4 invitation groups:

    Those joining:
    1. Session 1,2,3
    2. Session 1,2
    3. Session 2
    4. Session 3

    What is the best way to go about this to pre-assign them to a session without the participants having to select anything and they get the right session in their agenda?

    thank you!


    Jessica Wyrsch
    NIKE, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Pre-assigning Sessions

    Posted 08-04-2021 10:48
    You might have to use registration types and admission items along with registration path settings to ensure that each group only sees what they are supposed to see for each group.

    Each Registration Path is connected to a Registration Type.
    Each Registration Type can determine what Admission Items, Sessions, Optional Items are available.
    If you need to control further on the sessions that are visible by Admission Item or Automatically Include specific sessions, then you'll need to further adjust the admission item advanced settings.

    Lindsay Buchanan
    Meetings Management Consultant
    Intent Strategy Group (A Division of M&IW)
    M +1 262.488.4537