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Virtual Event Planning Checklist

  • 1.  Virtual Event Planning Checklist

    Posted 04-29-2020 17:04
    Did anyone attend the webinar last week, and sign up for the Virtual Event Planning Checklist?

    If so, could you share it with me?


    Ravenna Legare
    Assistant to Director of Communications
    California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (ccsesa)

  • 2.  RE: Virtual Event Planning Checklist

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 05-05-2020 13:17
    Hi Ravenna,

    I can check internally to find the correct resource for you, but in the meantime I did want to send you this helpful blog post What is a Virtual Meeting? It covers great tips surrounding when to host one, how to plan the right agenda, the right online tools, how to run a virtual meeting, and more.



    Danni Czark
    Lead Client Success Advisor

  • 3.  RE: Virtual Event Planning Checklist

    Posted 05-08-2020 13:12
    Hi Ravenna,

    Here's a bit of a reader's digest of various resources about hosting virtual events. I took multiple cvent webinars and they honestly cover a lot of the same ground even when the names are different. I've linked to one I found most useful below. 

    Fast Track your Virtual Events (cvent webinar, very useful)

    Basic guide from Cvent on Moving to Virtual Events

    Thorough guide from MPI on Moving to Virtual Events

    Relevant if you use zoom is ILEA's How to Make Virtual Events Happen

    Relevant if using Webex: Webex Meeting Security and Webex Virtual Events (includes a comparative of their products as it relates to virtual events)

    I hope this helps!

    Béline Falzon
    Event Planner
    California Teachers Association