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Weekly Product Release Notes - February 11, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - February 11, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 02-11-2021 11:33
    Happy Thursday, Cvent Community! Excited to share a few key releases today on #VirtualAttendeeHub and the #Event(Flex) Cvent Salesforce App - check them out below!


    Virtual Attendee Hub®


    Default to Device Time Zone: When attendees log into Attendee Hub, their time zone will now default to the time zone on the device they're using to log in, like their phone or computer, instead of defaulting to the event's time zone. This change will be across the entire Attendee Hub platform, and attendees will still be able to toggle between these two time zone options on the All Sessions page.

    Route Appointments to Appointments attendee calendar: For events using Appointments, The Appointments card on the My Event home page will now route users to the Appointments attendee calendar. Attendees will still be able to manage their appointments on My Schedule, and schedule appointments via My Schedule and the Exhibitor Virtual Booth. This gives the attendees easy access to both calendars and gives the planner more flexibility as we continue to integrate Appointments into the Attendee Hub.


    Event Management


    Integrations – Cvent Salesforce App

    We're excited to announce the release of version 5.2 of the Cvent Salesforce app! Below are the highlights, and you can read more in the Developer Hub.

    • "Source ID" field now supports 120 characters: You can now use source IDs with up to 120 characters. Note: For versions 5.1 and below, Source IDs with more than 100 characters will lead to sync failures for target attendees.
    • Create tasks and opportunities based on attendee field conditions: All attendee-level fields are now available in conditions for dynamically creating Salesforce tasks and opportunities.
    • Extend task due date configuration: You can now enter 0 as a value for the activity date rule to make the task due date the same date as creation.
    • Create opportunities with dynamic close date configuration: Get more flexibility in setting up automatic opportunity generation. Specify a certain number of days after creation as a close date to manage the opportunity lifecycle more granularly.
    • Assign record owner as a nomination approver: You can now have more flexibility in the approval process configuration by assigning owners of prospects and owners of associated accounts as nomination approvers.
    • Support for multi-select picklist and regular text area fields in conditions: Use multi-select picklists and regular text areas in conditions for event visibility, task and opportunity configuration, and campaign member filtering.




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