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Zoom - Preferred Video Player

  • 1.  Zoom - Preferred Video Player

    Posted 01-20-2021 11:27

    Hi all, 

    For those hosting events in the Zoom webinar platform - what is your experience sharing video files? Is there a video player you've had more success with than another? 

    We're currently experiencing a series of challenges with the "Movies & TV" app (which video defaults to) as well as the Windows Media player. 

    Some issues include:
    - sound settings (either we have to set to "default" so attendees can hear it, but the video tech doesn't hear the sound or if the sound is set to the techs default headset then attendees can't hear the sound).
    - When the tech selects the video and clicks "share" the video window immediately minimizes; causing attendees to see the desktop screen in the few seconds it takes the tech to maximize the window again.
    - If there is a pop-up or additional window open on the desktop when the video is shared on the attendee's end this will look like a black shadow over the video wherever that window is behind the video on the techs side.

    Has anyone experienced any of these issues and was able to find a fix/workaround? Any and all feedback is welcome! 

    Thank you!! 


    Natalia Ramirez
    Trade Show & Events Planner
    Visit Orlando

  • 2.  RE: Zoom - Preferred Video Player

    Posted 01-27-2021 16:29
    Great question.  I personally have had the most success with Vimeo videos.  We upload them there and ensure they are clean.  I found with Windows Media that some people have older computers and its' an "overload" to the system.  Youtube works too - but I find it glitches.

    In some cases we've embedded the video in the powerpoint.  This has had a mix of success and failures - so I am hesitant to recommend anything as we are also figuring it out. 

    For the issues:
    - Sound Setting: There is a button that you can click when you launch a video to OPTIMIZE sound, this has helped a lot.  I also encourage EVERYONE to mute when a video plays, the last time we did the "sharer was able to mute" and the audio played.
    - Screen issues: The only way around this I've found is that the "sharer" needs to have this open and ready and ensure they share ONLY that one screen.  This involves some tech skills or just paying attention.  I advise that our team have ONLY zoom and the necessary documents open to help minimize confusion.  I've yet to see the Black "screen" or shadow.

    One of my biggest advice is to use the Zoom link and do a test at least 30-45 minutes in advance. I also advise having a few people try sharing the video.  I sometimes find it's better when I do it versus our presenters (no idea if it's a computer thing or person thing).

    Lesley Irminger
    University Events and Office of Communication Events Coordinator
    George Mason - Office Of University Events

  • 3.  RE: Zoom - Preferred Video Player

    Posted 01-29-2021 19:36
    I found that it is best to have the video downloaded regardless of which platform you are using to avoid buffering issues. I've had success with Vimeo.

    Danielle Smith
    Executive Event Planner
    Adventist Health

  • 4.  RE: Zoom - Preferred Video Player

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi Natalia,

    I have to agree with the other comments here about using Vimeo or even YouTube. I find it much easier to stream the video vs trying to play from a desktop application. Better control, minimize issues with buffering, and easier to manage.

    Bouran Qaddumi
    National Field Trainer
    Cajun Operating Company d/b/a Church's Chicken