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  • 1.  Sponsorship

    Posted 06-02-2021 07:13
    Hello all, 
    We are in the process of building our events. I was wondering what is your experience with sponsorship? 

    -How did potential sponsors responded to a virtual event?
    -What were the most popular features?
    -Which feature did you feel that did not assist? if any at all?

    How did you build your different layer of sponsorship?

    I am finding this quite challenging. Any help is really appreciated.

    Thank you, Eve

    Eve Fairbairn

  • 2.  RE: Sponsorship

    Community MVP
    Posted 06-07-2021 09:09
    First, a good way to prepackage sponsorships is to use Cvent's Sponsorship Generator webpage.

    Mission critical: find out what potential sponsors want:
    • brand recognition?
    • top billing at your event (think about offering a single Platinum level)
    • face time with attendees?
    • A minimum # of leads?
    • Leads from just certain segments of your attendees?

    Next, figure out the targeting and segmentation of your attendees: industry, company size, attendee demographic info such as location, age, job title (are they a worker bee, or a manager or an executive with decision making power?).

    Next, make a COMPREHENSIVE LIST of all the things you can offer to sponsors, and this is based on what you are using. For example:
    • Registration website: custom page for a platinum sponsor, shared custom pages for gold and silver sponsors. Logos, banners, etc. on your reg website. 
    • Virtual Attendee Hub: sponsored session, exhibitor booths (some static/unmanned but with downloadable content or a pre-recorded video, others with live sponsors in a full collaborative exhibitor virtual booth), branding with graphics in your VAH
    • CrowdCompass App/Event App: push notifications, splash screen on CrowdCompass (save that for Platinum exhibitors), banners, gamification (custom via Click) to drive people to the virtual Exhibitor booths
    • Appointments module: allow Exhibitors to request appointments with attendees and vice versa
    • Ad-hoc sponsorship items: paying for a branded box to ship to attendees with branded goodies such as pens, USB sticks, charging cables, power banks, pre-packaged snacks, pens, etc. If you allow attendees to OPT IN to receiving a free gift (we did this and allowed attendees to input their home address) we shipped them a branded box with a branded steel drink tumbler, 3 snacks, AND a book written by our 3rd party Keynote speaker that aligned with our conference goals.

    I hope this helps!

    Brenda Ainsburg
    Channel Program Manager
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    United States