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Product Release: Lead Scoring Proposal Assistant Auto-Response

  • 1.  Product Release: Lead Scoring Proposal Assistant Auto-Response

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-26-2020 10:01

    Cvent Community - Check out the latest #CventSupplierNetwork & #LeadScoring product update!


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    The Lead Scoring team has been busy at work, designing new ways to assist you in responding to leads faster and smarter! #ProposalAssistant will now offer ways to #automate your response process, with automated proposal drafts and turn downs.  The Proposal Assistant is included with Lead Scoring and a favorite feature among current Lead Scoring users.  Proposal Assistant has three options, all designed to save you time.


    Option 1: When you have time and want to craft your response, using Lead Scoring insights.

    Proposal Assistant already allowed hotel sales teams to create proposals in less than 5 minutes by auto-populating rooms rates, dates, and function space/meeting room names–eliminating the need to gather and manually type in information.  In addition, a hotel’s sales personnel can intelligently quote room rates and easily offer alternate dates to the event planner. 


    Option 2: Low on bandwidth? You’re covering other operational duties at the hotel when an ideal lead comes in with a short response due date.
    Set up a rule that directs Lead Scoring to automatically draft an ideal proposal for your Cvent leads, it will then send a proposal copy to you via email. Simply review, then approve & submit with one click. 


    Option 3: No bandwidth whatsoever? The RFP is not something you can accommodate period?
    We all know that there are some leads that are just a bad fit. You would rather spend more time responding or connecting with planners than spend time turning down leads. You can use a rule to direct Lead Scoring to automatically turn down on your behalf.


    How does the automation work?

    First set up your rules, tell Lead Scoring when to automatically draft a proposal or turn down a lead based on any of the following:

    • Booking Window
    • Event Dates
    • Peak Room Nights
    • RFP Type
    • Lead Score
    • Need Dates
    • Room & Space Availability
    • Within Free Sell


    Next, decide which response a proposal or turn down.

    If you choose a proposal, define the details for Lead Scoring to use in drafting your proposal.  Things like rates whether that is a fixed rate, premium or discount off of BAR or the Comp Set Median rate.  Choose which sections of your meeting spaces should be used for this type of group, then enter the F&B minimum rate.

    If you choose turn down, choose the reason and include a turn down comment.

    Want to learn more? See our articles that covers the Proposal Assistant.
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