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Speaker widget - Selecting which speakers to display

  • 1.  Speaker widget - Selecting which speakers to display

    Posted 08-01-2020 23:01
    I am working on a website for my multi day virtual event. I will have multiple speakers throughout the three days and I would like to highlight them on my speakers page, but I would like to display speaker by day. 

    My vision is doing something like the below; insert "Day 1"/"Day 2"/"Day 3" headers prior to listing speakers. 
    The challenge is that when I add the speaker widget it includes all speakers I listed on my speakers page. So the speakers end up showing up as the same for all days. 

    Ideally the results would be something like the below where on Day 1 I showcase only certain speakers, day 2 others, etc. 
    Is this possible? Am I missing something? I can't find this information in articles anywhere. And if it's not possible, has anyone has experience with a workaround for something like this. 


    Natalia Ramirez
    Trade Shows & Events Planner
    Visit Orlando

  • 2.  RE: Speaker widget - Selecting which speakers to display

    Posted 08-03-2020 10:13
    Hi Natalia,

    I don't see a way to accomplish this natively but you could organize it yourself.

    For instance, you could drag a 3 or 4 column section into your site, then drag an image widget and a text widget under it for each speaker along with a text widget above the section labeling it Day 1. You could definitely get it to appear the way you are looking for.

    However, the downside would be quite a bit of maintenance if the speakers information change or you add and remove many speakers. It would have to be manually updated in the website section each time there is a change as well as in the speaker section in CVENT if you are displaying an agenda.


    Evan Ring
    Senior Operations Manager
    Dow Jones & Co., Inc

  • 3.  RE: Speaker widget - Selecting which speakers to display

    Posted 08-05-2020 08:44
    Thank you for the input Evan! 
    That's what I was thinking might be the only workaround; unfortunate that it causes more maintenance in updating the info.

    Natalia Ramirez
    Trade Shows & Events Coordinator
    Visit Orlando