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Weekly Product Release Notes - January 7, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - January 7, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-07-2021 12:04

    Happy Thursday and Happy New Year, Cvent Community! As a reminder, we have pivoted to Thursday release notes (instead of Tuesdays) to better align with our Product Management's release schedule and get you key product updates in a more timely fashion. Today, we've got updates to share across #Event(Flex), #OnsiteSolutions (#OnArrival and #LeadCapture), and some #Admin/Reporting enhancements.


    Event Registration

    Tax Schedules (Tax by Location):
    In your Flex events, you are now able to use the Tax Schedules created in the account to charge invitees taxes based on their location so that they can pay appropriate taxes based on their local laws.

    Custom Logic Enhancements: Custom logic rules are becoming more streamlined and will cover many more use cases. Now, custom logic will always be determining a new registration type, whether the invitee is coming from a weblink or email, already has a registration type, or is on their first, second, or last page of registration. Custom logic will also be running for group members as well, so they will get a registration type based on their information. Additionally, custom logic will clearly be unavailable for registration paths that have the registration type widget.



    Device Name (iOS):
    With our new Device Name feature, all OnArrival devices can now have a customized name of your choosing. This will help ease the flow of troubleshooting, monitoring, and overall event management.

    Event Stats Sharing (iOS): You can now share your event and session stats via the Event or Session Stats widgets to anyone outside of OnArrival.

    QuickScan and Hands-Free QuickScan (Android): Introducing QuickScan and Hands-Free QuickScan, a new feature that allows contactless badge printing and check-in without the need to touch the kiosk.



    Improved UI:
    We've updated the LeadCapture UI with new logos and colors, as well as made improvements to lead lists and attendee lists.



    General Ledger Code Reporting (Event): Using Split GL Codes you can specify two GL Codes for Admission Items, Donation Items, Sessions, etc. Those split GL codes could historically only be reported on at the event-level, but we've now added a cross-event report so you can report on Split GL codes across events.

    RFP Comparison Report (CSN): We've redesigned a valuable report, the RFP Comparison Report, that helps you compare bids within the Cvent Supplier Network. You can now customize your reports to include fields that are important to you and save templates within CSN. This eliminates the hassle of exporting and saving data outside of the system and allows for more customization.



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