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Legacy Sunset

  • 1.  Legacy Sunset

    Posted 06-11-2021 10:33
    HAs anyone else run into the issue of not being able to convert some of the Legacy reports that they had created into the new report system.  We had started on one that we use regularly, I had tried innumerous combinations to get the results I needed with no luck.  I then created a case with Cvent support with what we had been using, the parameters and the results that come back when run.  After going back and forth a few times,  there is no way to get the report I need in Cross Event reports and this is just the first of several we are going to have to try to do.  I wish the option to use both reports options would be available if some can't be converted.

    Virginia Higgins
    CLE International

  • 2.  RE: Legacy Sunset

    Community MVP
    Posted 06-11-2021 11:42
    Virginia, you are not alone. I can't get the same data from the new cross reports as I did with legacy.

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America