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The Latest Scoop on Flex: Outstanding Questions from Live Q&A

  • 1.  The Latest Scoop on Flex: Outstanding Questions from Live Q&A

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 11-01-2019 15:43
    Last Thursday, we held a live webinar titled The Latest Scoop on Flex. Erik, one of our lead Product Managers for #Event(Flex), talked through the full feature release list of 2019, which big releases are coming in the immediate future and early next year, timelines and major milestones, and top resources and training materials to reference throughout your Flex journey.

    Didn't get to join us live? We missed you! Watch it on-demand HERE.

    At the end of the webinar, we blocked time off for live Q&A. However, we had so many questions submitted we couldn't answer them all in the time we had! We want to ensure we're answering every inquiry you may have, so we've compiled all answers and listed them out in groups below. You never know if someone's asking the same questions you may have, so be sure to glance through the full list below!

    Building/Copying an Event

    1. If I create an event now, can I add on a released feature to that existing Flex event? asked by @Haley Diamond
    Yes definitely - we recommend starting to build out Flex templates now for this reason! Once the new feature is released, all you'll have to do is go back into Event Configuration in your already built Flex template, check off the new feature, and click Save.

    2. I like the idea of starting to build Flex templates now, but are we charged to start an event as such? asked by @Nathan Hall
    Nope! Just like your Classic events, you will only begin to be charged when you start collecting registrations. You will not be charged immediately for simply creating or launching any type of event.

    3. Once you build an event in Flex, can you then copy that event over? asked by @Mari Lynn Schu
    Absolutely! Copying Flex events will be just like copying Classic events.

    4. Will it be the same process to copy a Flex event vs. the Classic event way? asked by @Will Osman
    Exactly the same. Once you have a Flex event built, the copy process will be business as usual.
    5. What happens when Flex is "turned on"? Is that when Classic events can no longer be created? asked by @Daniella Torres
    At this time, you can run both a Classic event and a Flex event simultaneously! Launching a Flex event in your account has no correlation to turning on/off Classic events in your account.

    6. Is Flex any more "intuitive" from a registration development standpoint than Classic? asked by @Leanne Ball
    Flex is more intuitive in that you choose what to add to the form and in what order rather than needing to know what's where. You have much more flexibility when customizing your registration process.

    7. Can we create our 2020 events using Classic instead of Flex? asked by @Linda White
    If you will be launching an event in 2020, you will still be able to launch in Classic. However, depending on which features you need within your event, we recommend switching to Flex as soon as you're able to, to ensure you're preparing for the Classic shutdown in 2021!

    8. So, next year, we can't copy a classic event to create a new one? For example, our customer conference is very complex. It sounds like we will have to rebuild it from scratch. asked by @Betsy Landon
    If your event will be launching in 2021, it will have to be rebuilt on Flex. Chat with your Cvent Account Team to see if the current Flex feature set can support your complex event!

    9. So in 2021, will we still be able to use templates of Classic events to keep having Classic events? asked by Ashley Kronsell​
    For your events launching in 2021, they will not be able to be created from a Classic template. Any new events launching in 2021 (either built from scratch, created via copy, or created via a template) will have to be launched in Flex.

    10. When is it appropriate to use Express Registration as opposed to Classic/Flex? asked by @Michelle D. Moser
    ​Express Registration and Express Ticketing are for more for those quick, one-off events. Think like a dinner party or something you need a simple 'yes' or 'no' for. In Express, there are no features to enable, such as sessions or registration types.

    11. In the future, are you saying that an "Express event" will be an option when starting a new Flex event, but it automatically limits the features you can use? asked by @Michelle Serna
    In the immediate future, both Flex events and Express events will be options. Further in the future, we'd like to simplify the event creation process by providing a single event type with varying levels of complexity. We will conduct more research and design before we define the specifics of how this will work.

    Feature Availability and Limitations

    1. I do not see the Decline button listed on the Features page. When will this be available? asked by @Aida Becaj
    The option to decline from the Event Website is planned to be released in Q4 2019.

    2. When will it be possible to duplicate registration paths pages? At this point is only possible to duplicate entire paths (including all related pages). However, it is not possible yet to duplicate only on registration path page and allocate it to another one. asked by @Andreia Querido
    This is something the team has looked into, however it is not currently on the roadmap. With the ability to set up different rules & restrictions per reg type and reg path, this would cause errors if someone were to try to duplicate a path's page that would break the rules of another path.

    3. When will Tax Tables be available in Flex? asked by @Joanne Stein
    Tax Schedules are set to be released Q1 2020 - if you are looking for other functionality, reach out to your Cvent Account Team and they can provide more specific timelines!

    4. Does Flex currently work with OnArrival? asked by @Carol Harris
    Yes, it does!
    5. Have you updated Flex to work with OnArrival Kiosk Mode for printing badges and checking in? asked by @Tina Kane
    There are no limitations here - Flex is fully compatible with OnArrival Kiosk Mode.​

    6. I see that custom URL/domain is finally released. However, I don't see that it's an option to add to my event - I have it on Classic. How is this possible? asked by @Loni Hoellwarth
    To enable your Custom URL in a Flex event, you must first resubmit the form. Once this is done one time, you're all set to go for all of your Flex events. Reach out to either your Cvent Account Team or our Customer Care team and they can help further!

    7. When will copying an Invitation List be available? It takes forever to design an invitation list and then build out all of the emails per invitation list when you have more than one path/type. asked by @Jo Anna Chapin
    We are planning to release this in Q1 2020.​

    8. When the Attendees widget is released, will that also be broken down by session? asked by @Ina Wertz
    That is currently not planned, however if you submit your idea on the Ideas page in the Community, it could come in the future!

    9. Any updates on the Membership integration? asked by @Lauren Shapiro
    ​The options we can provide depend on your needs. Please reach out to your Cvent Account Team for more information.

    10. Are we able to change color fonts within a session description in Flex yet? asked by @colon Omayra
    This is now possible using the rich text editor! Reach out to our Customer Care team if you have any specific site editing questions.

    11. I created agenda items and added them to Session Groups but the session groups aren't showing properly. I set up the session groups to display sessions as radio button list and order the sessions alphabetically but neither of these options are working properly. When will this be completed? The features page says that session groups are completed. asked by @Linda White
    ​​This feature is completed. If you are still encountering issues, please reach out to our Customer Care team with specific details so they can help address the concern.

    12. How much access will we have to be able to customize the site - CSS/Javascript/other coding options? asked by @Andrew Wright
    The Flex site designer out-of-the-box offers much more styling options than Classic. But if you want COMPLETE control of the design, that will be possible with the Custom Sites project. This will be released after Flex hits Feature Complete.

    13. Does that indication of, say, "Planned for Q1 2020" get narrowed down once the particular feature gets closer to release? asked by @Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center
    ​On the Features page, no it will not narrow down, however if you reach out to your Cvent Account Team they can likely provide more specific timelines when you're in that particular quarter.​

    14. With the waitlist feature in Lanyon, a registrant could select an available session but also waitlist themselves for a session that was full. For example, if their first choice was not available at the time of registration, they could select an alternative session in the event their first choice never becomes available. Will Cvent Flex's waitlist feature give registrants the option to do both so it is a smooth registration experience, as the registrant would be left in a bind if they wait for their first choice to open, but it never does. They could be left without an option at all. asked by @Judy Figueroa
    This is something we've heard multiple times and are actively considering, however it is not currently on the roadmap. More research is required. We will be sure to communicate when this is something on the roadmap!

    15. Is the limitation of 50 questions per Flex event counting a question that is repeated on several registration paths counted as one question or is it multiplied by the number of paths? asked by @Jane Nesbitt
    A shared question (a question repeated on several registration paths) is only counted as 1 question.

    16. The registration type cap in Flex is 40. Will this change to unlimited, like it is in Classic? asked by @Vivian Harnden
    It will change to a very high number, but likely not totally unlimited. Our Product team is currently looking at historical usage data to figure out how high we need to go to accommodate event needs.

    17. Are limitations also listed on the Flex features page? asked by @Carol Harris
    Yes they are - if there are any feature limitations, you will see them in the "Temporary Limitations" column on the page.

    Travel-Specific Features and Functionality

    1. Is the Concur integration 100% complete in Flex? I see flights from our GDS, but Concur doesn't seem to be working. Should I contact my account manager or is this coming in the near future? asked by @Andrew Wright
    Concur is 100% complete, so be sure to reach out to your Cvent Account Team and they will look into this in your particular account!

    2. One of the restrictions of mobile registration on Classic is booking travel. Does Flex have the capability to take travel requests on mobile registrations? asked by @Ingrid Kim
    Yes it does - one of the main perks of Flex is it's fully mobile responsive! No limitations across devices for any feature.

    3. Will the travel section be improved? separate the legs of air request as they are in Classic? asked by @Jennie Hynson
    There may be a more optimal way to set up your travel information during your registration process - reach out to your Cvent Account Team to talk through your options.

    4. is there a plan to simplify the hotel request form when only 1 hotel/room option is available? asked by @Jennifer Gerstenberg
    This is something our Product team is actively considering, however it is not currently on the roadmap.

    5. Is it planned to bring step mode for hotel requests to Flex? If not, is there a workaround in place to allow for a similar process? asked by @Sarah Atkins
    To accommodate Step Mode in your Flex event, simply create a new Registration Page and drop each travel widget on a different page! If you are looking to have that "Yes/No" question appear for needing travel accommodations, reach out to your Cvent Account Team to talk through potential workarounds using registration paths or a custom process.

    6. Is there an extra cost for travel integrations like Passkey?​​ asked by @Maggie Bernhard
    The two-way Passkey Integration is free as long as you have the Travel module (you can use the hotel's instance of Passkey). However, if you want to have a Planner license of Passkey, then it is an additional fee. Reach out to your Cvent Account Team to discuss which option is best for your account.

    Miscellaneous / Other

    1. Can I simply have the event set up in flex to be able to send a save the date (no other features or settings set up or info uploaded)? asked by @Alexa Emerson
    You can! If you wanted to launch a Flex website just to hold information because the current feature set cannot support your registration process, this is possible. Just be sure to remove the Register button so it simply serves as a landing page.

    2. Is the Invoice Template part of a standard Cvent Event contract? asked by @Maggie Bernhard
    Yes! As long as you have the Invoicing feature turned on, you will see the invoice template. If you do not see "Invoicing" as a feature in Event Configuration, reach out to your Cvent Account Team to enable this free of charge.

    3. We recently used Flex for an event and received a number of emails from registrants saying their registration session timed out. Is there a set time for registrants to go through the registration process? If so, would it be considered to add a timer so that registrants are aware? asked by @Melisa Arpa
    There is no set time that an invitee must get through the registration form, however there is a timeout after 40 minutes of inactivity. It is not currently on the roadmap to display a timer so registrants are aware, but this is something we are exploring for the future.

    4. When starting to use Flex, I went to the Visual Showcase to get ideas on what we would like our Event Summary page to look like. What I did not find was a spec sheet to get the color scheme or instructions on how to get that look. Linking those items (or providing full instructions with the template) instead of having to search for them in Cvent would be more helpful. asked by @Michelle Serna
    For more information on specific specs for templates found on, reach out to your Cvent Account Team and they can help you recreate these in your own account. We are also looking into creating a mini webinar series early next year walking customers through step-by-step builds of different Visual Showcase examples, so be on the lookout for those!

    5. Viewing website themes on Visual Showcase.. do you have to pay extra for the Creative Design or Event Builder service OR are there step by step instructions for implementing a similar theme? asked by @Sarah Atkins
    Currently there are no step by step instructions provided in the Visual Showcase - you can either have our team help build it out in your account, or you can browse simply for inspiration. We are looking into creating a mini webinar series early next year walking customers through step-by-step builds of different Visual Showcase examples, so be on the lookout for those!

    6. Are there any upcoming features to collect speaker materials beyond abstracts, i.e.-headshots, bios, presentations, financial forms, etc.? asked by @Rosendo Flores
    The Speaker Resource Center sounds like the perfect fit for you! This is currently in Early Adopter, however it is slated to be released at the end of Q1 2020. Ask your Account Manager for a demo and they'd be happy to set one up.

    7. We tried to create some events in Flex but ran into a few bugs that required us to switch back to Classic. Are there any recommendations of what to do in case this happens again? asked by @Ginger Swart
    Most events do not encounter bugs, but if you do, you should report it to our Customer Care team right away so that we can begin to fix it and provide short term mitigation strategies if necessary.

    8. Is there a way to sign up for notifications about new releases specific to Flex features? asked by @Ingrid Kim
    Absolutely! In the Cvent Community, we post weekly product release notes every Tuesday. Log in by clicking the "Community (NEW!)" link in the top right-hand corner of your Cvent event tool screen, go to My Profile, add "Product News" to your interests, and make sure you're subscribed. If you have any questions on this process, reach out to our Customer Care team and they'd be happy to help.

    9. Can you specify how donations would work? What is the workflow for that feature? Are there fees collected or do donations go to a third-party? asked by @Rosendo Flores
    THIS ARTICLE from our Support Community gives a great description of how Donation Items work in a Cvent event! As a reminder, this will be released in Flex in Q1 2020.

    10. We have a standard continuing medical education survey that we send post-event to all attendees. It would be great to be able to store these questions and their associated logic at the account level rather than rebuild the survey in each particular event, which is what we are doing now... asked by @Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center
    It sounds like our Premium Feedback Survey license may be the perfect fit for your account - reach out to your Account Manager for a demo and more information on what this add-on license entails!

    11. Referring to multi-language events, if a registrant changes the selected language to their language and answers in their language will we be able to see their answer in English? asked by @Terry Guill
    If they input their answer (for example, an answer to a Registration Question or a Contact Field) in another language, this will be stored in your account in that language.

    12. Is there a way to duplicate the default header/footer into the secondary header/footer? asked by @Wendy Englebardt
    You can copy widgets between pages but you cannot copy the entire header/footer section specifically. Our Product team is currently researching into copying SECTIONS in the future, so they will consider this use case when they do that!

    13. How does the cross event reporting function between Flex and Classic? asked by @Valerie Perkins
    You will be able to use Cross Event Reporting across both event types!

    14. Will a Flex event support mobile registration? asked by @Terry Guill
    Flex is fully mobile responsive automatically - no extra configuration needed!

    *Please note: questions submitted multiple times have been condensed into a single question. If you don't see your name @ mentioned, still look through the full list, because your question was likely merged.


    Cvent Official - Product News

  • 2.  RE: The Latest Scoop on Flex: Outstanding Questions from Live Q&A

    Posted 11-04-2019 08:48


    Thank you for all of these great updates.  This is very helpful.

    Question: For the ability to copy/duplication the invitation list, will this be updated on the Features list incase its postponed?

    Jo Anna Chapin
    Meeting Technology Consultant

  • 3.  RE: The Latest Scoop on Flex: Outstanding Questions from Live Q&A

    Posted 11-04-2019 09:43
    Hi @Jo Anna Chapin, I will pass this request onto our team so we can get this added!​

    Tristen Asrejadid
    Cvent Staff Community Member

  • 4.  RE: The Latest Scoop on Flex: Outstanding Questions from Live Q&A

    Posted 11-07-2019 16:37
    Thank you @Tristen Asrejadid.  I see its been updated! ​

    Jo Anna Chapin
    Meeting Technology Consultant