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Images for sessions?

  • 1.  Images for sessions?

    Posted 27 days ago
    In Classic Events, I was able to use HTML and/or the WYSIWYG editor to add images to Session Descriptions that would then display on the registration page. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this with flex - the WYSIWYG editor does not have an insert image button, and there is no HTML editor. Has anyone found a way around this?

    Kelly Lence
    Office Administrator
    Optiver Services US LLC

  • 2.  RE: Images for sessions?

    Posted 26 days ago

    Hi Kelly,

    Currently, in Flex, there is not a built in functionality to add images to an individual session. This has been something I have been asking for awhile. I hope to see this functionality as Cvent announced they are revamping Sessions functionality during Connect. 

    A short term fix I have is I added the image sideshow widget above the sessions widget and labelled each image. Not ideal, but it helps present a visual to the registrant. 

    I hope this information is helpful!


    Kevin Bedoya
    Event Technology Coordinator

  • 3.  RE: Images for sessions?

    Posted 25 days ago
    I miss that too. I use a session to sell tee shirts. It was nice having the image right there. Now I need to add the image to the bottom of the sessions page.

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America