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Registration Confirmation Email Content

  • 1.  Registration Confirmation Email Content

    Posted 07-30-2021 14:43
    We like to include in the email confirmation all the data entered on the registration form, except the PII fields, of course. This doesn't seem to be possible in Cvent. The widgets and data tags are limited to answers to questions and basic travel data. If I choose to pull individual tags for contact fields, those fields are only available for the registrant and none for the guests.
    Any way we set it up, the data is incomplete, so we just end up giving the registrant the link to go back to the online summary.

    Does anyone else find this less than satisfactory? Am I missing something?

    Jennie Hynson
    Covington Meetings & Events

  • 2.  RE: Registration Confirmation Email Content

    Posted 07-30-2021 15:01

    I do as well. And I don't think Cvent has any plans on resolving that anytime soon. 

    I'd like attendees to see a full confirmation email on everything they entered, and I, as the event manager want to see that as well. We ask a lot of registration questions. 

    Oh well. Maybe someday.

    Edd Schillay
    Director of Operations
    The Trial Network