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CrowdCompass Polling

  • 1.  CrowdCompass Polling

    Posted 12 days ago

    When using CrowdCompass polling during an event, can you send a poll to a specific group of people? 

    Example: I need to poll all the CEOs attending the meeting a few questions.  So the poll will only go to them. 


    Penny Wiggs
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  • 2.  RE: CrowdCompass Polling

    Community MVP
    Posted 6 days ago
    Yes, easy peasy.

    You can filter the visibility on polls by creating a custom group. You'll want to mark those CEOS in Cvent. Maybe an internal Info field that marks them as a CEO. 

    Skip down to #3 in this KB article.

    What I would do is set up an Internal field in Cvent marked "CEO" and give it a Yes (via upload) for all contacts who are CEOs. This is assuming you know who they are and you mark them.

    In CrowdCompass make sure you have these CEOs in their own group.

    Lock the visibility of the poll to the CEOs group.

    Send a push notification using CrowdCompass to remind the CEOs (and you can lock the notification to JUST the CEO group) to take the poll.

    You might want to just place the poll on the app home screen somewhere, rather than link it to a session.

    I hope this helps!​

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  • 3.  RE: CrowdCompass Polling

    Posted 5 days ago
    You can filter polls using custom groups. We've used groups in the past not just for polls but for filtering content specific to certain groups (ex. Speakers).

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