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WordPress website partner who works well with Cvent

  • 1.  WordPress website partner who works well with Cvent

    Posted 04-21-2021 09:35
    hello! We are looking at revamping our website and planning to go the WordPress route. Do you have any recommended partners/vendors that have experience working with integrating Cvent into the website build? Looking at embedding the registration sites within our new website. Appreciate any recommendations, shared experiences, what worked or didn't work, or if you went this route but ended up in another direction, etc.

    Thank you!

    Lori Kalscheuer
    Wisconsin Bankers Association

  • 2.  RE: WordPress website partner who works well with Cvent

    Posted 04-21-2021 10:02

    I think trying to embed a Cvent portal within a WordPress site is going to be a nightmare - perhaps even impossible. Even if you used html like an <iframe> tag, you're going to run into formatting issues with responsiveness on both the WordPress end and the Cvent end. 

    We did things a little differently, and it is working out wonderfully. Our main site is WordPress, and our agendas, along with all of our specific branding and styles are done on WordPress, and on each agenda page, we have a button for registration. Pressing that button will take the user to our Cvent registration page. Our users will never see the Cvent sessions page or "welcome" page. 

    Here is an example of a registration page for one of our past programs:

    This is on our site, using WordPress, and gives us far more control over the style and format -- way more than Flex offers.  Days are tabbed, speakers and their firms are shown how we want and we have the ability to expand/close all sessions. The registration button is gone because this particular program has passed (another era of hosting your own agenda on WordPress). 

    Cvent's Flex does have its limitations. This was our workaround to obtain the best of both worlds. 

    All the best,


    Edd Schillay
    Director of Operations
    The Trial Network