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Registrants getting error message

  • 1.  Registrants getting error message

    Posted 02-20-2020 10:32
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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem and could help. Some of our registrants are getting hit with an error message every time they try to click the submit button or when they try to process their payment. This is only happening on the registration payment/submit page and only for certain registrants, I'm thinking it might be a contact group issue but can't find anything "wrong" on that end. I've attached the screenshot below. Any help or suggestions  would be greatly appreciated  as we've only shared our invitation with a small group thus far and are getting ready to launch but this has held us up from our big launch.


    dani williams
    External Relations Coordinator


  • 2.  RE: Registrants getting error message

    Posted 02-20-2020 11:03
    I know this is burdensome, but check ALL YOUR SETTINGS.

    With just "some" getting this error, are they all from the same Invitation List? The same Admisison Item?  I have had issues with corresponding certain Reg Types to certain Admission Items, and then in the Registration Settings themselves forget to open up a particular payment option, i.e. Pay By Check or Pay By Invoice.

    So see if you can find a pattern in the people for whom it is failing. Note their contact type, reg type, and which Reg Path they are using. Then check your registration settings.

    Brenda Ainsburg
    Channel Program Manager
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    United States