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Answers From our Latest Quarterly Product Update Q&A

  • 1.  Answers From our Latest Quarterly Product Update Q&A

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-10-2019 09:51

    For those unfamiliar with the Quarterly Product Update (QPU), Cvent hosts a webinar once per quarter to deliver the latest product updates and enhancements. This is your chance to hear directly from our Product Managers themselves and ask your questions live.

    For those who joined us in August for our Q2 2019 updates, thanks for attending! We hope you found the presented content valuable and left with a clear understanding of Cvent product development. Our Q3 QPU will be held in early November, so be on the lookout for that invite. We'll be adding the registration link to the Product News page of the Community when it goes live.

    Couldn't make it, need to share with a colleague, or just want to watch again? You can find the on-demand link here, which has been chapterized for you to easily jump between the product update portions you care about. You asked your questions, and we have your answers. Below you will find the full Q&A from this past webinar, broken down by product.


    1. Q: Does the appointments tool sync with Outlook?
    • A: Yes the Appointments tool does sync with outlook. You can configure the attendee to respond via their personal calendar which syncs with outlook.

    Event / Enterprise / SMM

    1. Q: Is the hotel and travel functionality fully in place now for Event Management (Flex)?
    • A: The majority of functionality is in place but some of the integrations and some specific settings/configurations are still in development. If there's a specific feature or setting you're looking for the best place to check is this website.
    2. Q: Our biggest challenge when we send out invitations is that so many potential attendees never get the invitation as it goes into their SPAM folder or the attendees' servers block it and it never gets sent to the attendee. I now have to have the system send out the invitation, copy myself on EVERYONE's invitation and then forward the invitation manually to all recipients. This takes a long time, as you can imagine. We are dealing with mostly doctor's offices, universities and hospitals. We can't ask everyone to contact their IT departments to white list anything coming from the Cvent server. Any solution you can propose?
    • A: It's important to understand that when it comes to email deliverability, there isn't a one-size fits all answer. Mail recipients and systems can reject, quarantine, and tag emails sent to them for any reason they wish, and what causes problems at one destination may be considered perfectly fine at another. However, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you get the best deliverability possible:
      • 1. Monitor your emails for undeliverable emails, or people opting out at a high rate. This might be an indicator that you're list has become a bit outdated (the average email address has a lifespan of around 18 months). If you see this, review and make sure that you are excluding recipients that may be opted out of your other marketing and CRM systems.
      • 2. Make sure your content is clean, simple, and consistent. Even though it seems like extra work, it makes sense to include plain-text content, as some security conscious organizations will not render HTML content.
      • 3. Be consistent with your from addresses. Many systems identify and assign reputation down to the email address level, so using a new email address for each event or email makes it harder for them to identify your mail as wanted.
      • 4. Confirm your opted-in contacts. This guarantees that a recipient wants your mail, and generally results in higher open rates, conversions, lower complaints and bounces.
      • 5. Review things like undeliverable and open rates by recipient domain - if you see bounces or low open rates at a handful of specific domains, it can be easier and much less daunting to work with your invitees and Cvent support to try to resolve individual issues.
    3. Q: What is the timeline to fully roll out Flex and get rid of Standard?
    • A: We expect to be feature complete by mid-year 2020. You can track all Flex feature releases and timeline estimations on this website. Once we have reached feature complete we will communicate the dates for retiring Standard events, but rest assured we will give plenty of notice and are happy to work with customers who might need additional time. At no point will Standard events disappear or be shut down, we'll just eventually remove them as an option when you're choosing to create a new event.
    4. Q: How can I add the fees page that lists all the different costs per admission item in a Flex event?
    • A: This can be accomplished by adding the Fees widget to any of the pages in your website.
    5. Q: Do data tags work on Flex websites?
    • A: Not yet, but they'll be coming soon!
    6. Q: Any update on uploading info that would modify a registration? It would be really great I possible.
    • A: Our Registration Import was recently enhanced to allow you to update existing registrations, so this should be possible from the planner-side of the application. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to do this on the registrant-side at this time.
    7. Q: In Flex, is there a way to get a link to the decline form? We do not use the Cvent invitation email but instead direct our attendees to the website summary link where they can review the meeting details then register. For our master invitation list, we want to track those who accept/decline so know who to follow up with. Thank you!
    • A: At the moment there is not, but we've got it on the list of features to add to Flex!
    8. Q: Regarding the SMM, are you all aware that Food Allergies are ADA? If so, is there a plan to make these fields hidden as well?
    • A: Cvent doesn't provide a Food Allergy question by default, this would be a custom field created by your organization. We'd suggest reaching out to your account administrator for more information.
    9. Q: Will we be able to utilize DocuSign as part of the registrations process to have registrants DocuSign forms?
    • A: Unfortunately, that isn't on the roadmap at the moment, but we'll definitely keep it in consideration. Submit your idea on the "Ideas" page in the Community!
    10. Q: Are there any updates on when the Track feature will be available in Flex?
    • A: You can track all Flex feature releases and timeline estimations on this website.
    11. Q: I would really love to be able to track site traffic. Is that feature coming soon?
    • A: We don't have plans to add built-in website traffic information, but this information (and more) can be easily captured using our Code Snippets feature or through the upcoming Google Analytics feature.
    12. Q: Please speak on Code Snippets one more time as well. I'm confused as to what is/how it's used.
    13. Q: When will Flex stop timing out on the user if "save" is not hit every 10 min?
    • A: The interval before the system times out is generally 40-60 minutes based on the account configuration, but before being timed out you will be presented with a modal that will allow you to extend your session. If you aren't seeing the prompt to extend your session please reach out to a member of our Customer Care team.


    1. Q: Do you need to have OnArrival 360 to use the ZC10L printer?
    • A: You need to have OnArrival 360 to use any advanced printing (including ZC10L).
    2. Q: Can the ZC10L be ordered through Event in a Box?
    • A: No, advanced printers are not available for EIB. Chat with your Account Manager about OnArrival 360 if you'd like to use advanced printing at your next event.
    3. Q: Is OnArrival available on Android with SSO enabled, if not - any idea when that is coming?
    • A: This is on the roadmap, but an official release date has not been set.


    1) Q: Can we customize what they can see in the "Up Next" area by group?
    • A: Not at this time but we'd love to get that feedback to our support teams since we read those regularly and would like to see use cases for it. Go ahead and submit your idea on the "Ideas" page in the Community!
    2) Q: With the "Block Off Time" feature - can you invite other attendees to this appointment type?
    • A: No you cannot since it is blocked off time intended for you to save space on your calendar so that others cannot book over that time slot.
    3) Q: Can we showcase sponsors for each segment they are sponsoring at the time?
    • A: Right now, you would have to manually go in and update them. We show what's available not dependent on the days. We do like to hear feedback from you so please submit cases to our support teams. We listen!
    4) Q: Can attendee contact other attendees in CrowdCompass?
    • A: You can message other attendees via the attendee list or activity feed.
    5) Q: Do you have to log in each time you go to the mobile app?
    • A: You do not have to login each time you go to the mobile app. Once you logged in, you should be able to stay logged in.
    6) Q: Does the 'Up Next' give you a push notification or is it only when you're in the app?
    • A: It is currently only in the app. Would love to get further feedback on this, so please make sure to submit your idea on the "Ideas" page of the Community!
    7) Q: Is there reporting to go with the T&C screen? We will often get asked by compliance and audit for proof someone accepted the T&Cs.
    • A: You should be able to reach out to our support team to provide a list of all users who have logged in which means they have to have accepted the T&C
    8) Q: For the CrowdCompass Terms & Conditions, if an attendee declines, what message is prompted after? If they decide later to accept the T&C, do they just try to login again?
    • A: When they decline the terms, they are taken back to the app level view. We currently have messaging to say they would need to accept in order to access the event.
    9) Q: On CrowdCompass, are attendees able to delete their own posts now? Or still Admin only function?
    • A: Attendees are able to delete their own posts now so that planners wouldn't have to be the sole person handling these posts.
    10) Q: On the CrowdCompass portion you showed a place to promote sponsor logos - can someone please send me the info on how to access this feature for our account?
    • A: This is a part of the dynamic event guide, a new feature which enhances the user experience at your event. It is listed under the home page settings in Event Center. Read this article from our Knowledge Base for more information.
    11) Q: Can we change the word Sponsor to something else?
    • A: You can certainly create a custom icon and call it something else that would work for your event.
    12) Q: Will CrowdCompass notifications push to phone if in a restricted area, such as China?
    • A: We would love to get more information on this particular case. China does get tricky as are other areas that have a lot of restrictions. Please reach out to our support team and we can follow up accordingly once we have a better understanding of the use case.


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