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Attendee Messaging Tip?

  • 1.  Attendee Messaging Tip?

    Posted 09-18-2020 17:29

    We are trying to get to a place where we can use CVent's new Virtual Hub, but we absolutely cannot do with out the ability to have Attendee Messaging. I know this is on the near roadmap, but in the mean time I have been asked to present a creative solution that would enable us to use The Hub while also utilizing messaging with ease via a third party. Ideally I would like to have a custom tab on our Event Web Site (or even in the Hub itself) that links directly into a messaging program that has integrated with our attendee list (this tab would only be viewable to registrants). I know Connect used Slack, but I remember once I got my personal invite from my rep, there were a few steps to get it set up and honestly, there is no way we'll be able to get our attendees to set up their Hub experience and then also a Messaging account. Does anyone have any suggestions for this sort of thing? Is anyone happy with a Messaging solution they are currently using? It is imperative that all participants have a way to know who else is registered and so, it really is a double-edged sword that there is no messaging capability nor is there even a searchable attendee directory (I know we can post one on the event web site but again, it wouldn't have that messaging aspect...). Thanks for any help! This is pretty urgent for us as we have our Marquee Event rapidly approaching and need a platform.

    Amanda Healy
    Registration & Special Events Coordinator

  • 2.  RE: Attendee Messaging Tip?

    Posted 09-22-2020 16:41
    Hello Amanda, 

    This is an excellent question and we have the same conundrum at the moment. You might look into getting CrowdCompass instead of the Attendee Hub while waiting for that feature to come out for the Attendee Hub. 
    If you are looking at messaging systems, I'm afraid any third party will require attendees to create accounts with that third party. Slack is a good one, but you could also consider Discord if you'd like your attendees to be able to jump in to video calls with each other. One exception would be if your event is internal - you could then leverage Microsoft Teams, or Webex Teams, depending on what software subscriptions you have as a company.


    Béline FALZON
    Conference Program Specialist II
    California Teachers Association

  • 3.  RE: Attendee Messaging Tip?

    Posted 09-23-2020 09:17
    I also recommend using CrowdCompass, and you can use the link to the html5-compatible version, the "web version" to allow attendees to use CrowdCompass right on their computer on another tab in the same browser as they are using for the Virtual Attendee Hub.

    Each attendee will need to authenticate into the CrowdCompass web version, and instruct them to LEAVE THE TAB OPEN. That way they won't be logged out.

    You may want to do a "soft launch" of CrowdCompass, where all your attendee data will flow over, and do a bit of testing yourself to create a quick set of instructions via video or PPT, that you can load onto your Attendee Hub.

    I hope this helps!

    Brenda Ainsburg
    Channel Program Manager
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    United States

  • 4.  RE: Attendee Messaging Tip?

    Posted 09-28-2020 09:44
    Have you explored the options available in the Attendee Hub event app? I haven't had a chance to fully explore all of the features but if it functions similar to the CrowdCompass app, this might provide the ability to have a searchable attendee directory and some messaging capabilities.

    Jennifer Jones
    Senior Event Specialist
    Corning Incorporated

  • 5.  RE: Attendee Messaging Tip?

    Posted 29 days ago
    Have you thought about utilizing crowdcompass instead of attendee hub? That's what we've utilized in the past and the attendees love the messaging aspect.

    Coy Rushton
    Graphic Designer
    Primary Residential Mortgage