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Weekly Product Release Notes - September 3, 2019

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  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - September 3, 2019

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-03-2019 13:14
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    As we dive into September (how is summer over already?), we have a whole bundle of product updates to share with you across #Event(Classic), #Event(Flex), #Appointments and Reporting!​​​

    Event Management

    Delete Multiple Files or Folders at Once in Media/Document Libraries:
    Select and delete files or folders all in one go. (As a safety precaution, any folders containing files can't be deleted until the files are removed.)

    CSN and Saved Hotels Available for Event Location: Choose your event location faster. When entering a location under Event Information, you can now opt to select a hotel saved in your account or even jump straight to the Cvent Supplier Network to find one. Once you've made a selection, the relevant address and contact info will be automatically filled out for you.

    *Classic Registration Events Only* Bulk Unregister and Decline: Save time and update the status of up 1,000 invitees or registrants at once. Depending on their status, you can either unregister them from the event or decline the event invitation on their behalf. Note: Registrants must be in Accepted or Pending Approval status to be unregistered. Invitees must be in No Response, Visited, or Waitlisted status for you to decline on their behalf.

    New Dropdown for Bulk Actions: For Invitee Management pages, all status-related bulk actions are now grouped under a separate "Change Status" dropdown. Use this dropdown to approve and deny registrations, move invitees to Pending status, decline invitations on invitees' behalf (Classic events only), and unregister registrants (Classic events only).

    (Event Integrations) Notifications for Failed Webhooks Syncs: If you're an admin for your account, you can now set up email notifications for failed syncs between Cvent and webhooks. If any syncs fail, we'll send a notification to the appropriate people at your organization to ensure all issues are resolved quickly. Notifications can be sent on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They'll also include a list of the affected webhooks configurations and events as well as the date range in which the failed syncs occurred.

    (Event Integrations) Support for Special and Complex API Passwords: You can how tailor the requirements for your API passwords to your organization's security standards. To set up these requirements, just contact your Cvent account team.


    *New* Question Response Audit Report:
    Keep track of the edits either you or invitees made to their answers for event-related questions. This includes all event surveys, travel questions, and registration questions.


    Transfer Appointments During Registration Substitution:
    You can now automatically transfer an attendee's appointments when substituting a new person into their registration. The new attendee will be added to all the same appointments, and the old attendee will be removed. We'll also add the new attendee to the appropriate groups and give them visibility to the same custom questions and private notes. You can keep track of substituted attendees by running the "Appointment Details (Consolidated)" report. Note: This feature is only available for appointment events linked with a registration event.

    Appointment Event Types: When creating an appointment event, you can now assign it one of two event types based on how its appointments will be managed. Standard Appointments - attendees manage their own schedules for your event. Universal Appointments - your staff manages their schedules with attendees for an event they're all attending.


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